“I found it so mesmerising and relaxing to watch Elodie pull together flowers and grasses into earthy, sensual and almost other wordly arrangements.”

Ruth Ribeaucourt - The French Muse - January 2019


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I have extensive experience designing floral arrangements for photo-shootings and events. I almost arrange all bouquets I am photographing. Styling flowers is part of the process, and I have learned to know which flower looks good in picture and on which background.



I have been working with magazines and e-publication such as sisterMAG or HOME magazine designing commissioned floral arrangements or simply being featured. 
I have also been featured in several books about flowers.



If you need your guests to have an unforgettable experience, the Hayden Collective will deliver. Vivamus sagittis lacus vel augue laoreet rutrum faucibus dolor auctor. Fusce dapibus.


“I was particularly enhanced by Elodie’s creative process. Her arrangements composed using what was available in January in the fields of Provence - not much really - pushed her boundaries of traditional beauty.”

Valeria Nechio - Februray 2019


A passion for dried flowers


I have been obsessed with dried flowers long before they became trendy. I like to mix them with fresh flowers too. when I fall in love with a type of dried flowers, I cannot say goodbye to them. I am keeping almost all of them above my cupboard at home or in boxes.
I purchase them already dry and I make them dry myself from time to time. I like to dry hydrangea or mimosa for instance that will last forever and change colours very nicely.

I much prefer flowers that are keep their original colours and take muted tones when drying than artificially dyed ones.
The thing I like the most about dried flowers is their fluffiness.  


the best flowers are in the nature


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flowers and feathers


I like to mix flowers and feathers in my bouquets, to give them a dramatic twist.
Feathers can be so theatrical and give panache to an arrangement.
They go very well with classical blooms such as roses but also with dried flowers.
I think they go very well with more exotic flowers, orchids or poppies.