Another perfect Sunday

Today was a little summer bonus after the grey weather we had last week - and it definitely had some of the ingredients that make a "perfect sunday"!I went to flea market around the corner of my flat - and even I didn't come back with a treasure this time, it was still very inspiring to walk around in the sunny Sunday afternoon.

On my way back I decided to take a couple of photos from my lovely front garden and its beautiful Hydrangea. I especially love them when their colours start fading.

and my neighbour invited me to take pictures directly in the garden! This may sound like a detail, but I was soooo happy he asked me that. It is another example of something that wouldn't have happen to me without my blog. So here is a picture of the little on the fountain, protecting my building.

 and oh! I almost forgot. As yesterday was the last day of my first giveaway, and I am happy to announce that the lovely Masumi has been randomly chosen and is the happy winner of the beautiful nighty Lilly. So I hope you had some highlights today too. I wish you a wonderful week.