Flowered by Thierry Feret - A lovely florist in Paris


cactus at flowered by thierry feret mini ananas

flowered by in paris


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I have been living in the centre of Paris for  about a year now and I am still on the hunt for new and old flower shops that are spread over the city.  Today I would like to introduce you to one of my fav. A shop with a lot of atmosphere and flair. 

The flower shop is called "flowered by" and his run by the talented and lovely florist, antiques dealer, curiosity lover Thierry Feret.  He started is new carreer as a florist five years ago after having worked in many of the greatest restaurants in Paris. His shop is an explosion of colours inspired by India and Mexico and reflects a lot of joy.  I loved talking with him today about his late passion for flowers, and about how much he likes it despite the hard work and the many hours spent in the shop and bying the flowers at the flower market of Rungis.  He also shared a little secret with me :  He made the flowers that Christine and the queens is holding on the cover of her album Chaleur Humaine. How cool is that.

taxidermy at thierry feret

flower shop in paris

bouquet picutre by madame love

couronne de noel paris


mini bouquet thierry feret


in front of flowered by

christine and the queen by T Feret

We both decided to organise a little give away for my readers on my Instagram @madame_love . If you leave a comment under my post, you and the person you tag, can winn a very special Christmas wreath made by Thierry. 

Good luck!