Mini Bouquet of Aquilegia

aquilegia_colombine_1Good Morning,I have a lovely mini bouquet for you today in a mini vase I found in Amsterdam, made by ceramic artist kirstie van noort. I really love her work, so simple and beautiful.  The flower I used is called Aquilegia, but is also called Granny's BonnetColumbine or AkalaiThe name Aquilegia is derived from the Latin word for eagle (aquila), because the shape of the flower petals, which are said to resemble an eagle's claw. The common name columbine comes from the Latin for dove, due to the resemblance of the inverted flower to five doves clustered together. Symbolism of columbine flowers is often combined with symbolic numbers. Thus, the tripartite leaves were seen as symbols of Trinity, seven columbine flowers can be interpreted as the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.  I love the complex shape of the flower and the contrast between the colour of the petals and the yellow of the pistil, which makes a it a perfect flower for a miniature bouquet.




Have a wonderful day and speak to you soon! Elodie

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