You are my sunshine, sweet mimosa

bouquet mini mimosa Hello everyone,

Yellow is not one of my favourite colours, but I must say that I have to make an exception when it comes to mimosa. Every winter it makes me happy and I really love the way it smells!

Usually I make bouquets, big and small, but this year, on top of that, I decided to make a wreath, since I learned how to make them with my dear friends from les herbes de Paris in december. <

I also used one of my pretty baskets as a vessel. I just put an empty glass of jam inside for the water supply. I think it looks very joyful and pretty. 

What about you? Do you like mimosa as well? What do your bouquets look like? Do you mix them with other flowers?  Have a lovely day and talk to you soon, Elodie

basket of mimosa by madame love mini bouquet

mini bouquet fleurs jaunes

mimosa wreath mimosa and eucalyptus stilllife

DIY: Dried Hydrangea in an indian frame

hortensia pressees Hello everyone,

This a shooting I did last year, but have been waiting for the right time to show it to you. When I bought this gorgeous hydrangea head at the flower shop I instantly fell in love. Those green and purple ones are my favorite. I bought a little flower press before living Germany and I use it a lot. I know you can press flowers and leaves in books, but I always loose them and forget I which book I left them. Hydrangea are just the perfect flowers, and the more I play with them, the more I like them.  They look beautiful in the garden, in a vase as table decoration, or as a wreath. But maybe it is pressed that I like them most. I love their texture and colours and they look so pretty in a transparent frame, such as this one from the British brand nkuku. I hope I inspired you a little bit today. I hope I will be more on the blog in the coming weeks and months. I have got a lots of plans and ideas anyway!

Take care and talk to you soon, Elodie

hortensias pressees cadre indien

fleurs sechees sur fond sombre

cadre indien hortensia paillettes





urban jungle bloggers - flowers and plants

cactus dans pot a carreaux dahlia for urban jungle bloggers

dahlia and cactus

merci with flowers

plant gang urban jungle bloggers plant and flowers

urbanjunglebloggers madame love

merciHello everyone!

I am a little bit late for my #urbanjunglebloggers post but I just couldn't resist this topic: plant and flowers! it was made for me... I am not a big fan of plants indoors and never had a ficus in my flat. But I must that I slowly changed my mind in the past few years. I am in love with succulents and cactus. Here are the reasons why: 1. I love that you can have mini versions of them. I am a mini bouquet fan and I find mini pots of cactus and succulents just too cute.

2. I love the colour palette of succulents and cactus: mint and nude and many shades of green.

3. I love that they are very low maintenance plants, which is a perfect fit to my way of life.

For this vignette, I chose flowers that really matched the tones of my plants: Café au lait dahlias, cineraria maritima, eucalyptus and globe amaranth.

I hope you do like the outcome!



The Green Gallery

168607-The Green Gallery_Bloemenbureau Holland_2015-f2a345-large-1432664314 Hello everyone,

Last Friday, I had the privilege to attend the launch of The Green Gallery  under the arches of Amsterdam’s world famous Rijksmuseum,  – a magazine celebrating both the beauty and perishableness of nature.

In an enchanted, forest-like setting, the magazine’s content came to life, for one night only. The set up was truly magical and as I said on Instagram during the event, I had the impression to be eating inside a dutch flower painting from the 17th Century.

INSTAGRAM Picture from the Green Gallry Launch For initiator, the Flower Council of Holland, this is the best launch imaginable for their new digital magazine: “Our aim is to show the beauty of flowers and plants through inspiring, artistic and exciting content. This first issue of The Green Gallery revolves around flowers and offers high-end editorial content”, says brand manager Esther de Waard. It was just magical!

The Green Gallery Launch light

The Green Gallery Launch food

The first issue of The Green Gallery is about Flowers

and the second issue coming out this autumn will be about plants. Founding editor Nancy Berendsen created a beautifully curated magazine around flowers , with very inspiring contributors such as Luisa Brimble, Manuela Sosa or Linda Lomelino. The magazine has been created with many creative spirits from Kinfolk Magazine or Elle Deco and with bloggers from around the world. In the Green Gallery, they talk about food, stylism or fashion but their common inspiration is flowers. 

The Green Gallery is available in French, German, English and Dutch can be viewed on desktop, mobile and tablet. 

See the free online magazine on Follow The Green Gallery Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. instagram madame_love

Lilac and hellebores - a pink bouquet

fresh flowers from the garden Hello everyone, I publish less on the blog lately, mainly due to a busy schedule, but I am still making bouquets and enjoying it. I just come back from a very relaxing weekend at my parent's place and I have been playing with flowers and with my camera between two showers all weekend. I will show you some pictures of the garden just after the rain later this week, as I am obsessed with the beauty of rain drops, but first, let me show you my little hellebores and lilac bouquet. lilac and hellebores in the makinglilac and helleboreslilac and hellobores by madame loveHave a relaxing week everyone! Thank god, this is going to be a short one! Elodie

Ranunculus and hortensia

hortensia and ranonculus by madame love - the flowerblog Hello! This is the end of the weekend and even if it has been a little bit challenging with the mini, I feel like a little of a Sunday evening blues. I think the best cure for that are flowers. So here comes a mini bouquet to think of when it is getting a little bit tough this week. xoxo Elodie hortensia and ranonculus madame love flowerblog - www.madame-love.comhortensia and ranonculus on pile of books

hortensia and ranonculus madame love

Hellebores from the garden

hellebores_by_madame_love_1 Hello everyone, I don't have as much time as I would like to, to blog since I started my new job in February, but I still keep some time for myself to make bouquets and photography them at the weekend: This is my way to relax and forget about my little worries and anxieties. I made this bouquet at my parent's place in Picardy with all the flowers I could find in the garden:

Hellebores Ivy and Heather

I wish you all a great day! Elodie hellebores_by_madame_love_4hellebores_by_madame_love_2



madame love loves: les petites emplettes

les petites emplettesHello everyone!  I hope you had a great week end! Time to relax and enjoy some time with your family. Today I would like to share another online shop crush I had lately. It is a French shop again called "les petites emplettes" - I love the natural style of their furnitures and objects. What do you think? Lovely and very French isn't it?

For more inspiration check out my madame love loves selection.

mimosa from the market

mimosa Mimosa is such a happy flower. I love that in blooms in the middle of winter in the south of France. I decided to make this bouquet in a green art deco vase my mum gave me for my birthday in October. I love the contrast and the colour combination.  I will show you later this week, how you can use mimosa in combination with other flowers for mini bouquets.  I wish you all a great and sunny day, and if it's not sunny where you live, you can still buy some mimosa to brighten up your day. Take care and speak to you soon, Elodie mimosa_in_blue_vase

madame love loves Petit Florilège

Collqge_Petit_florilege Hello! Here comes another now of my online shop crush - a French one again! It is called petit florilège and the selection is just lovely. It just makes me want to buy everything and completely renew my decoration with more natural textures and soft colours.  Some of the things I am showing you in the collage above are still on sale for a couple of days! So hurry up! 

I wish you all a great day!

For more inspiration check out my madame love loves selection.


my year 2014 with flowers

Collage Wildflowers madamelove 2014 Hello my little flowers, 2014 has been a tough year in many ways. We so much wanted a change in the summer, that when the news came that my husband got a job in Paris, we decided to move countries within two months and organise everything while both working.  We managed but those months before the move and the two months since we arrived have been exhausting and I haven't had much time for blogging. I have been a little hard on myself lateLx. I was not very proud of myself and about what I have been doing with the blog in the past months.  But then, I decided to look back on 2014 and on the bouquets I made this year and I was pretty happy. 

I made some little collages to show you my flowers from 2014 - A reason for me to look back at 2014 with a smile (the other reason is of course my lovely daughter) and to look forward to lots of new flowers in 2015.

Some of the bouquets I will show you made it to the blog, and some only to my kitchen table, but they all helped me to forget my little worries and express my creativity.

The first one on top are my wildflowers bouquets, I made them at my parent's place and at my parent's in laws place in May as well as in Italy in August. Those ones are my roses bouquets - with roses from the market in Hamburg, from the flower shops and roses from my mum's garden.

my year in roses by madame love

Those ones are my pink bouquets - I don't like pink in decoration or in fashion, but I use this colour a lot for my bouquets - with my lovely tulips I picked in a flower farm in Holland, or some hellebores from my parent's garden.

my year in pink

Those ones are my blue bouquets. Blue is a more unusual colour in nature and looks always very pretty in a vase. I love to combine blue and yellow flowers. The first little bouquet is a simple bouquet of myosotis, I made in May in France. They are so precious and so lovely to photograph. The one on the bottom left, I really love with the white lilies and the blue delphiniums.

my year in blue

Here are my red bouquets. I love to combine red with pink and I love red roses, red carnation and red anemones that look and feel like silk.

my year in red

Those are probably my favorite: Flowers from the garden! My favourite bouquet this year was probably this one.

flowers from the garden by madame love

And last but not least: My mini bouquets. I love everything miniature. I love mini vases. And I love making a mini version of a bigger bouquet. mini bouquet

I wish you all a very relaxing Christmas time with you family and friends.

What about you? What do you see about 2014 when you look back? How as been you year with family, with friends, with travels, with your favourite designers, with your favourite cookies... If you want to tell me, just create a little collage with your 2014 highlights and tag me on Instagram (@madame_love) and use the hashtag #myyear2014with

Speak to you soon, Elodie

A misty day in the North of France and my first Steller story

rose_with_rain_dropsHello everyone, I spent last week end at my parents' place and it was very misty cold and wet. I stopped raining for a little bit on Sunday morning and I went out with my camera and my niece and took those pictures. I wanted to show you how beautiful a garden can be even a less attractive season, when everything is grey or brown and almost nothing is blooming.

tiny_apples red_berries heather rose_bud misty

I also took my iphone with me and made a Steller Story out of it - Steller is an Iphone storytelling App, and I love it. It was my fist story but definitely not the last one. My user name is madame_love - you can follow me here.


Have a great day! Elodie

Getting in the Christmas mood - my article in Blossomzine

Xmas_Räder_9 Hello everyone! Today is December 1st. Time to get a little bit in the mood for Christmas! Today I would like to share with you a little Christmas decoration idea I styled for the last issue of the brilliant online flower magazine Blossomzine. You can find my contribution here

ISSUU Winter issue blossom zine by Blossom zine

Christmas means magic to me and I love to have a white Christmas. Yes, I know we are not lucky every year, but every now and then, we have snow for Christmas and I just love it! If this winter is not cold enough, you can still recreate a white Christmas at home on your dining table or on a cabinet in your living room. I was very inspired when I discovered the little animals, mushrooms and pine cones from the German decoration company Räder. I wanted to recreate a little enchanted forest in my living room.  I wanted to keep my decor as white as possible and worked with dried white heather and added some golden sparkle to make it more christmassy. You can recreate this decor on a cabinet in your living room or on your Christmas table. 








I hope I could inspire you a little with this little table decoration and I wish you a very nice December with your loved ones.

The animals can be purchased here. Thank you very much to Räder for supporting this blogpost. 

Speak to you soon, Elodie