A bouquet of globe flowers

Trollius_by_madame_love_1 Hello! The other day, I bought those beautiful flowers for the first time. They are called Trollius, or globe flowers, because of the beautiful shape of their petals, curved over the top of the flower, forming a globe. The petals are bright yellow and the pistil orange. I think they are really happy flowers and look fantastic in a contrasting blue vase. They are closely related to ranunculus and their leaves look really like those of an anemone.  If you find them in a shop, don't hesitate to buy them, they don't just look pretty, they also last pretty long in a vase.


I wish you all a great day! I am flying to France on Saturday. You can follow my adventures on Instagram and I will also be posting my bouquets from the garden and the forest on the blog regularly. xoxo Elodie