Antwerp #4 – Where to sleep

Hello everyone, I think nobody likes Mondays ... I think the best cure is to plan your next holiday and think back to your last holiday. While doing it, I realised I still wanted to give a last tip about Antwerp, where I spent a fabulous break last October. After telling you what to do in Antwerp by day and showing you the city by night, where to eat in Antwerp and where to shop, here comes my ultimate tip: where to sleep in Antwerp - and the answer is a beautiful Bed & Breakfast called Home @ FEEK. It is one of the most fantastic places I have stayed at in my life - it was the night of my birthday and it was definitely special!

front building @ feek

in front of FeekIt is located in the old house of the harbour master and five minutes walk from the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom).

detail at home@feek

The place is run by product designer Frederik van Heereveld. Frederik is known worldwide for his collection with FEEK and new materials, which he integrates into his interior designs. All the furniture in the rooms can be bought. Even the lift is really funky.

lift @ feek

Bedroom - Suite at feek

Bathroom - Suite at feek

The changing colour lamp in the bedroom was also a highlight.

Lights at Suite at Feek

Hone @ Feek Website: www. Oude Leeuwenrui 23, Antwerpen