Papermint - a wallpaper workshop in the heart of Paris


Hello everyone, I am back on the blog today, after a long silence.  But there is something I would like to show you today. I have the chance to live in a very lively and bursting with creativity neighborhood of Paris :  The 10th disctrict. A lot of creatives live here, a lot of ateliers and workshops have chosen this still kind of "affordable" (if that word can be at all applied to Paris) area of the city. Yesterday during my lunch break I paid a visit to the lovely atelier of graphic designer Alexandra Bruel who created the brand Papermint a year ago. 

Flamingo by Papermint papier peint

All the wallpapers are designed and printed in the workshop in Paris.  They have many different designs such as the flamingo (which the little miss would love) but also some more classical ones in the style of the 20's such as this one called Han'i, which I really love in that colour combination.

Han'i noir et doré - papier peint papermint 1925

or this one called 1925 . 

wallpaper papermint 1925

I really love those dark colours in combination with the gold accents.

jungle wallpaper papermint

I also have a thing for those jungle/botanical prints of course.  6241679680__mg_3273.jpg

and last but not least, I had a crush on the lovely collab between Papermint and My Little Paris

my little paris and papermint

papermint et kanako

I really like the one with the paris buildings and little shop fronts in the most charming streets of Paris such as the rue Sainte Marthe on the picture.  One of the particularities of Papermint is that you have 2 different ranges : GAMME ATELIER and GAMME EDITION ROULEAU. 

The GAMME ATELIER is a fully customizable range which is printed on demand in the workshop - you can customized the size and also the colour. 

The GAMME EDITION ROULEAU are some more standard editions that are already printed and stocked at the workshop.  The wallpaper come also in many different finish quality from fully washable and waterproof (ideal for a bathroom or kitchen) to more standard ones.  Some of them already have the glue at the back and you only need to humidify them to install them and some are fully repositionable. 

They also produced stickers such as the moon, that as been designed with Lisa Gachet from Make My Lemonade.  I used the moon for a set design I made last year for "La joie des fleurs" :

and I can confirm it is very easy to reposition the sticker. 

For the time being the website is only in French but can ship internationaly and from what I have heard, the international website is coming soon!

I wish you all a great day and looking forward to hear if you like French wallpaper and would consider it for your home!

Talk to you soon,