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madame love loves: les petites emplettes

les petites emplettesHello everyone!  I hope you had a great week end! Time to relax and enjoy some time with your family. Today I would like to share another online shop crush I had lately. It is a French shop again called "les petites emplettes" - I love the natural style of their furnitures and objects. What do you think? Lovely and very French isn't it?

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madame love loves: Audrey Jeanne

Audrey Jeanne Hello everyone!  I would like to dedicate this post to my sweet Cheddar! He is been quite jealous lately, with all the new baby stuff invading the flat. Audrey Jeanne is a French illustrator I really love. As you can see above, she really likes cats like I do. She is my favourite crazy cat lady! I really encourage you to follow her on Instagram, if you don't already do. Her siamese cat Mikado is just the cutest! You can see a lot of Mikado, on Audrey's blog too. 

byaudreyjeanne on InstagramShe produces posters, stationary, printed bags and t-shirts and now also jewelry. Most of her products can be purchased in her online shop or in her Society6 shop. I wish you a great day and talk to you soon, Elodie

madame love loves: minted

Hello everyone,
I hope you are not too stressed out with the pre-christmas madness going on! Today I would like to introduce you to minted. Minted is an online stationery store powered by a global community of designers. Minted has for instance a great Holiday Cards designs selection, that you can combine with your own photographs. The paper quality is excellent. I just received a card from a friend yesterday and I loved the look and feel of the paper.
Apart from their great stationary, I am big fan of their photo backdrops for wedding and parties.
I also love their art prints, which are highly customizable - you can pick the colour and get them in many different sizes.
I also love one of their new products, that I haven't seen in any other online stationery shop: the personalized wrapping paper. You can transform the templates with your own words and photos. Isn't that great?

art prints by minted

wrapping paper by minted

In France, you send Christmas Cards after Christmas actually, more as a way to wish your friends and family a good year ahead - and I am thinking about creating my own card with minted this year.
What about you?
Are you sending Christmas cards?
When and what do they look like?



Madame love loves: Babyssimo

Hello everyone!

Do you know this feeling, when you discover a shop or an online shop and think: oh, I like that! and that and that... in fact, if I had a shop I would like it to be exactly like this one... That is exactly what happened to me when I discovered Babyssimo - the shop for small citizens of the world, and I ordered some of my favourite things for Ella from this online shop. I like it so much, that I thought I really needed to share it with you.
And you know what I discovered? The owner Olivia is also French! So now I understand, the Liberty fabric, the French magazines and the Japanese items! Exactly my cup of tea! It is so French and so international at the same time.
Babyssimo is a shop for the little and big ones, so I made two mood-boards to show you some of my favourite items. Olivia was nice enough to answer a couple of questions for you.
babyssimo_for_little_ones 1. Belle & Boo Cushion "Boo"
2. Linen Dog "grey-white"
3. Oeuf NYC Alpaca Wool Sweater "Cat"
4. Tocoto Vintage Knit Baby Shoes "Powder Pink"
5. Tocoto Vintage Corduroy Overall
6. Reversible Plaid Blanket "Liberty Betsy"
7. Tocoto Vintage Jersey Shirt "Colette" grey
8. Belle & Boo Wall Sticker "Hug" A3

Babyssimo for the big ones

1. Fog Linen Placemat, nuit
2. Kinfolk Vol 8
3. Fog Linen Table Cloth 130x130 grey-white
4. Enamel Prep Set

5. Fog Linen Table Basket

Dear Olivia, what made you start babyssimo?
My husband and I, we were travelling 6 months around the world while I was pregnant with our first son Joseph (btw, we had a travel blog). So, naturally we were always looking at baby things and found so many nice items that you can't find over here in Germany and sometimes even in Europe... That's how the idea of babyssimo was born. A little, very personal selection of baby items from all over the world!

How do you select your designers?
Well, first of all, totally by taste. I first have a crush for the product and am obsessed about having it in the babyssimo selection... Then I usually first check the quality, how is the brand working, producing. I prefer if things are organic, or at least of natural materials. I especially lo