Madame love loves: Babyssimo

Hello everyone!

Do you know this feeling, when you discover a shop or an online shop and think: oh, I like that! and that and that... in fact, if I had a shop I would like it to be exactly like this one... That is exactly what happened to me when I discovered Babyssimo - the shop for small citizens of the world, and I ordered some of my favourite things for Ella from this online shop. I like it so much, that I thought I really needed to share it with you.
And you know what I discovered? The owner Olivia is also French! So now I understand, the Liberty fabric, the French magazines and the Japanese items! Exactly my cup of tea! It is so French and so international at the same time.
Babyssimo is a shop for the little and big ones, so I made two mood-boards to show you some of my favourite items. Olivia was nice enough to answer a couple of questions for you.
babyssimo_for_little_ones 1. Belle & Boo Cushion "Boo"
2. Linen Dog "grey-white"
3. Oeuf NYC Alpaca Wool Sweater "Cat"
4. Tocoto Vintage Knit Baby Shoes "Powder Pink"
5. Tocoto Vintage Corduroy Overall
6. Reversible Plaid Blanket "Liberty Betsy"
7. Tocoto Vintage Jersey Shirt "Colette" grey
8. Belle & Boo Wall Sticker "Hug" A3

Babyssimo for the big ones

1. Fog Linen Placemat, nuit
2. Kinfolk Vol 8
3. Fog Linen Table Cloth 130x130 grey-white
4. Enamel Prep Set

5. Fog Linen Table Basket

Dear Olivia, what made you start babyssimo?
My husband and I, we were travelling 6 months around the world while I was pregnant with our first son Joseph (btw, we had a travel blog). So, naturally we were always looking at baby things and found so many nice items that you can't find over here in Germany and sometimes even in Europe... That's how the idea of babyssimo was born. A little, very personal selection of baby items from all over the world!

How do you select your designers?
Well, first of all, totally by taste. I first have a crush for the product and am obsessed about having it in the babyssimo selection... Then I usually first check the quality, how is the brand working, producing. I prefer if things are organic, or at least of natural materials. I especially lo