decorating with animals

We had friends over the other day, and they asked me if there was an "animal theme" in the decoration of the flat.I never realised it before, be that is true that we have animals in every rooms of the flat, on pretty much every walls... Animals in the decoration bring a fresh and childish touch, I like very much. I have a tiger print from Sweden in the middle of my living room, that was meant to be for a child's bedroom, but it looks so simple and stylish, and with the right frame, it can look good in a "grown ups" room. You can also have a look at my pinterest board on that topic. Tiger print from the shop - The human empire in Hamburg

Tiger has also a couple of cat friends, to play with, like this one for instance:


and lovely chicken that come from the former GDR and were bought on a flee market in Berlin plastic-chicken-by-madame-love But there are not only tigers, cats & chicken in the flat, we also have a couple on nice fishes, rabbits and all kind of animals



girafe by madame love