Floral decoration inspired by French and German painters

Preparation for the ballHello everyone!I am back from my trip to the Netherlands and it was so beautiful! Today I would like to show you some of the bouquets I made for a ball in Hamburg at the End of March. The Bal de l'Amitié Franco-Allemande in the beautiful Hotel Atlantic. Each table was named after a French or a German painter (okay, one Austrian painter also), without forgetting the female painters, of course, and I had to create a bouquet in the spirit of each one.  It was both challenging and so inspiring. I researched a lot beforehand to find a floral bouquet for each painter. Another issue, was to choose flowers that could be found in Hamburg at the end of March and to find the right vases for 22 different bouquets.renoir anemones

Therefore, I set up a little project with the chosen paintings and corresponding vases. It forced me to look at the props I had at home and make a little catalogue. I knew I would have only a couple of hours on the day of the event to make the bouquet, so I had to be well organised and decide which vase I was going to use for which bouquet. vases collection It was a lot of research but I am quite happy with the outcome. I had to be creative and change the shape of the vase according to what I had and the type of flowers, such as for Gabriele Münter for instance I took some Chrysanthemum for my bouquet even if the original painting shows Dahlia. I tried my best to respect the spirit of the painter and the bouquet, more than just copy it. 

Here are a couple of the bouquets I made. I am not really happy with the photos, but I finished the bouquets just in time before the guests came and I had to to make the photos in a rush with little light.

Gabriele-Münter Dahlia odilon-redon anemonesFantin-Latour klimt manet_balMax Slevogt



What do you think about the idea? Which one is your favourite? I think that would be a great idea for a flower decoration for a binational wedding. What do you think? 

I know it took me a while to put this post together. I struggled a bit because everyone has been sick in my little household lately and we had quite a challenging time.  Nevertheless, I wish you all a great Easter week-end. I will be back on Tuesday with some beautiful tulips and the story of my trip to Keukenhof in Holland. speak to you soon,


PS: I would like to thank LIV by TM Interior for lending me their beautiful copper vases for the event!