#flowersonmyway - A new Instagram photo challenge

Hello everyone,Those following my on Instagram already know that I love posting flowers on my stream:

  • flowers growing in my neighbour's garden
  • flowers growing on the street
  • flowers from the market
  • flowers in the park
  • flowers in my parent's garden
  • flowers displayed in front of my favourite flower shop...

I thought maybe you would like to play a bit with me, open your eyes

  • on your way to work
  • while pushing your pram
  • on your way to the baker
  • on your holiday

and look for the best flowers on your way. So, if you want to play with me, just use the hashtag #flowersonmyway on Instagram or on Twitter. At the end of each month, I will publish my favourite photos on the blog. My first post will go live on 28 February.

Flowers_on_my_waySo! Do you want to play with me and discover the best flowers in your city, in your local park or flower shop? I would love it!

Talk to you soon and see you on Instagram!

PS: I have got a little secret to share with you. #2flowergirls with glomerylane will be back in February. We are still discussing about the flower to style. So stay tuned!