Globe story

Yesterday I went to a very good flea market in Hamburg the "Turmweg" flea market which takes place twice a year in Hamburg. I felt in love with a beautiful new globe to complete my  globe collection.I think collecting globes is a sensible and natural collection for expat and international minds like Mr. Love and myself. I reminds me that we still have so much to discover and so many countries to travel to. I like the fact that our globes come from Eastern Europe (one from Russia, one from Poland and one from the Czech Republic). The one we found Yesterday is from the former GDR. The guy who sold it to us revealed us a fun fact if you want to know if a globe comes from the former German Democratic Republic. Here is how it goes: You have to look for Taiwan and if it's a socialist globe, it will written: "von den USA okkupiert": "Occupied by the USA"! I don't only have a physical globe collection. I also have a virtual one on pinterest: LOVEly globes, if you want to pay me a visit there. So here is the new globe with someone trying to hide behind it: If you look at the centre of the picture, you will see the communist detail:

Here are some other globes from my collection:

I think a collection reveals a lot about yourself. What about you? What are you collecting?