I am off to France - and to Holland and to North Frisia!

collage bal.jpg Good morning everyone! I should be packing my suitcase rather than writing this post actually, but I will try to keep it short. I have some very exciting news, I would like to share with you. I will start with telling you a few words about the image above.

1. Yesterday night, I made the flower decoration for the ball of the "bal de l'amitié franco-allemande" (German-French Friendship Ball) in the fantastic ballroom of the Atlantic Hotel in Hamburg. Each table was named after a painter (French or German) and I had to create a different bouquet, in a different vase for each table in the spirit of that painter. In made 21 bouquets in total - I will show you the results on the blog in the coming weeks. The bouquet above was for the table Fantin-Latour. 

2. The second news is that I am flying to France in 2 hours to attend a great workshop in Pernes les Fontaines called Joyeuse Clique. A styling workshop for bloggers with the Dutch stylist Anouk B. I will of course tell you everything about it when I come back. You can also follow my French adventures on Instagram in the meantime. 

3. Just a few days after coming from France, I will be travelling to Holland to visit the flower fields of Keukenhof.

4. Last but not least, at the end of the month, I will attend for the first time the daffodil festival, in the family house of my friend Clara in North Frisia.

I wish you a great day! Elodie