Lovely Press Coverage: madame love in sweet living magazin

SL_03_2014_01_Titel_Final_V1.indd Hello there! Have you heard about Sweet living magazin? The new German decoration magazine? The third issue is coming out today, and..... surprise...... madame love is in it with a double page spread! I am so happy about how the interview with the publisher, the lovely Marion Hellweg turned out and I love the layout! SL_03_2014_8081_Interview_Elodie.inddEven if I am a truly digital person, and love blogs above all, it is really a thrill to see yourself in print. The new issue is really beautiful and full of scandinavian inspiration. I am curious to hear if you like it as much as I do! Have a great day and talk to you soon. I will be back very soon with some new floral inspiration. xoxo Elodie