madame love loves: le train fantôme

le train fantome copy Hello everyone! Do you know le train fantôme? It is the brand of designer and maker Fanja Ralison Born in France from Malagasy parents. Fanja currently lives in Hertfordshire, England. I love her little creatures, mainly dolls and rabbits. I am especially fan of the Lumi Doll with her beautiful hair cut. I have been a doudou and fabric dolls fan, for a long time before my daughter was born. Those are just so precious, they are part of a limited edition and made to order and each doll is different. Lumi dolls are entirely handmade from cotton, wool, linen and polyester filling. Her faces and drawn with fabric pen. They are not suitable for babies to play with of course but would look wonderful as decoration, or for a bigger child. I would love to buy one to my daughter when she gets older. You can find le train fantôme on Facebook, on Instagram and buy the dolls and the pretty dressses for the dolls online here.

© all pictures by le train fantôme with permission