madame love loves: Lyndie Dourthe and her paper flowers

Hello everyone,
I have been a fan for a long time of French artist Lyndie Dourthe's work and her fabric flowers. She creates lovely flower jewelry to be worn or displayed.
I am so delighted to introduce her work to you on the blog today. I am also very pleased, she answered a couple of questions. Dear Lyndie, thank you so much!
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1.   Dear Lyndie, Tell us about your background, what did you study?

After my studies at the Ecole Duperré in Paris. I had several work placements in some very big, but also some very small, companies... only to realise that I really wanted to be my own boss!
A friend and I decided to start making paper objects and accessories. That is how we created costumes and decoration, as well as dressing shop windows and making jewellry.
My friend wanted to teach, but I continued the jewelry. Paper flowers are the first pieces of jewelry that I made and then I developed in addition my fabric print collections.


2.    Where does your passion for flowers come from ?

The decision to work with flowers and plants came about because I lived and still live in Paris and, like many people, don’t have a garden! I therefore recreated a sort of imaginary garden where I could invent all the varieties that came into my head. Not having a garden means that I grow a few plants in my studio that I look after attentively.
In addition, every time I travel I collect seeds that I find there and I grow them where I work every day.


3.    What inspires you?

Lots of things inspire me! It is above all my very regular visits to public gardens, greenhouses, botanical museums (and other types of museums!), etc...
I also try to see exhibitions regularly. Apart from that, inspiration is everywhere: in a film, in the street, in a discussion... and also on the internet, of course.
But normally I often go on a walk with my camera to take photos of things that I like and that give me ideas.



4.    Which blogs are you reading regularly? 

There are lots, but here is a collection:



I wish you all a great day. Talk to you soon

☛ Atelier: Chez Rouge Manufacture
15 ter, rue Sainte Marguerite 93500 Pantin -   FRANCE

All photos: © Lyndie Dourthe