madame love loves: Neëst

Hello everyone, Neëst is definitely one of my favourite online shops and it also happens to be a French one. The selection of items is so gorgeous - it symbolises my dream of a pure and de-cluttered home, where you would love each single object because it is functional, simple and, well - beautiful. Sandrine Pigeon, the owner says that she is inspired by the "natural style of life". It is a mix of everything I love: Japanese design and a strong Scandinavian influence. You will find brands such as the Japanese fog linen or Futagami and designers like the brilliant Shanna Murray and her lovely wall stickers. It is very special for me to present this shop today on the blog because I have been a reader of Sandrine's blog for a long time, and she is one of the reasons why I started blogging. She is such a talented photographer of daily life and I am the biggest fan of her cat Pompon. I wish you a great day! Elodie neest