Milchmädchen - or where to find the softest blanket in the world!

through the window at milchmaedchen in hamburg Hello everyone,

Happy new year! Here comes my first blogpost of 2013 and it's about a very nice shop in Hamburg, which has a very good online shop too. So not only for Hamburgers this time! Just before Christmas I took the time to pay a visit to one of my favorite decoration shops called "Milchmädchen" (milkmaid). I have been wanting to do it for ages. It is a very charming place with a lot of not so well-known designers from all over the world and delicate hand-made products. I really recommend this shop to people who like to do things themselves, as you can find a lot of pretty supplies such as Japanese washi tape (If you want ideas about what to do with washi tape, you can check out my Pinterest board Lovely washi tape),  colourful wrapping-paper and stamps.

Lovely washi tape at milchmaedchen by madame love

Lovely wrapping paper by madame love

You can also find some very pretty jewellery and candles. It's the ideal place to find a nice present for a friend.

delicate jewellery at milchmädchen

pretty candles at Milchmädchen by madame love

My favorite items at Milchmädchen are the ceramic pears (from S to XXL) and I am lucky enough to have two of them at home, a big white one and a small one in copper. They are made by the Brasilian artist Selma Calheira and Milchmädchen is one of the few places in Europe to distribute them. beautiful ceramic pears by Cores da Terra But the highlight for me at Milchmädchen is definitely the blankets. I fell in love with them a long time ago, and was so happy when Mr. Love gave me a golden and grey one for my birthday this year. They come from Spain and the brand is called Hijos de Cecilio Valgañón and they are made out of mohair. You can either buy one that is already in the shop or order one from the catalogue and have it made for you with exactly the size and colour or colour combination you wish. It is the warmest, softest and most beautiful blanket I have ever had, and it's perfect for anyone who is cold-sensitive like me. It is now my best companion for watching TV on the sofa.

Lovely Mohair blanket by Hijos de Cecilio Valgañón Mohair blanket by Hijos de Cecilio Valgañón-2 Mohair blanket by Hijos de Cecilio Valgañón Lovely shop window at milchmädchen

I hope you will visit the shop soon. If so, say hello to the lovely Irina for me and leave a note to tell what you found there. Have a very  nice day! xxx Elodie

Milchmädchen Website Online Shop

Lehmweg 47 20251 Hamburg

Mo. – Fr. : 11:00 – 19:00 Sat.            : 11:00 – 16:00