Pizza party al fresco in Umbria + a delicious pizza dough recipe

table_candlelight  Hello everyone! Today is the first day of September and it already feels like autumn here. Nothing against Autumn, but I just feel the need to remember those long summer nights we had in Umbria at the beginning of August with my family. We stayed for a week in a beautiful villa surrounded by woods of oaks and chestnut trees, with a stunning view on the valley. One of the great things about the casale del gallo, was its patio, where we had candle light dinners every night, and its outdoor pizza oven, which made us truly feel like we were in Italy! My nephews and nieces decided to make some pizza for us one evening and it was so delicious and beautiful that I wanted to share the recipe with you as well as some impressions of this beautiful evening. pizza dough restingpizza dough





pizza in the making

dinner al fresco

 So here comes the recipe!

[yumprint-recipe id='3'] 

pizza on the tabletable_view

candle in the wind

I wish you a great day! and lots of outside dinners to come! Talk to you soon! Elodie

Wild Flowers from Umbria

yellow_wild_flowers_from_Italy Hello everyone! Those of you who follow me on Instagram, that I just come from a week in Italy with my family. We stayed in Umbria, to be precise, in a village called Massa Martana - I could never remember the name and always said Tikka Massala ;). The house with stayed at is called Casale del Gallo was truly magical and big enough to fit 12 people. I will show you the house in another post. Today I wanted to show you some of the bouquets I made during our stay only using wild flowers growing in the property: sweet peas, scabiosa, queen anne's lace, wild mint, clover. The variety was breathtaking, and I was really not expecting finding so much beautiful flowers in this region especially in August! I wish you a great day! Talk to you soon with more impressions of our italian holiday. xoxo Elodie





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