Washi tape

Lovely scaffolding

Yes, scaffolding can be lovely! You read that right.Today I want to share something I saw in the streets of Hamburg, just before my holiday in Antwerp and Amsterdam. I am still working on the photos and thinking about which stories I want to tell you about. They are currently working on the building of the beautiful gourmet food shop "Viola" in Hamburg Eppendorf and instead of disappearing behind the scaffolding, the shop-keepers had the lovely idea to just decorate the scaffolding with ribbons and Japanese washi tape. I think it is a fantastic initiative for a shop to do something like that, it makes the customers curious rather than letting the shop become invisible behind the scaffolding.

By the way, I love this shop and there will be a blogpost about it soon, to complete the "lovely Hamburg" series. I will not let Viola disappear behind the scaffolding, I promise!

Speak to you soon!