My new love

Hello everyone! Today I want to share my new love with you. Last month I bought myself a new smartphone. After a lot of research, and thinking: iphone 5 or not, etc...I decided to buy the new SAMSUNG GALAXY Note II. The main criteria for me were, the battery (which lasts twice as long as the iphone) the size of the display, to read online-magazines and blogs, and the quality of the camera. I must say I am pretty happy. I am also pretty happy about the Mint Cover.



Like a lot of bloggers, I am a big fan of Instagram. You can follow my stream here.

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Here are a couple of photos I took with my new smartphone and just a little bit of Instagram magic:





And what about you? Which smartphone do you use? Are you on Instagram too? If yes I would love to see your stream!

Talk to you soon!


Stockholm #3: Meet the blogger

Hello everyone, I posted about Stockholm last week in drips and drabs, but now the time has come to tell you the real reason why I went to Stockholm. I attended the blogging conference "Meet the blogger" at the beginning of February. The conference gave me the occasion to meet new bloggers from all over Europe (mainly from Scandinavian countries), to network and to be inspired. The conference is an international event for homedesign and lifestyle bloggers and a lot of creative and interesting people gathered in Stockholm that week-end. The reason why I bought my tickets the day they went online is because Will from the blog Bright.Bazaar was giving a keynote lecture - and I must say he didn't disappoint me at all! His talk about building a successful blogging brand was great! He gave us some tips such as Transport your readers into your world, Believe in your voice, or Give your readers a reason to return to your blog. For me the most precious tip that Will gave us was: Be a creator not just a curator! After the talk, he gave us brilliant infographics that he kindly allowed me to post on my blog for you today. So here you go:

Bright Bazaar Blogging Infographic FINAL

Designed by Amanda Jane Jones for Bright.bazaar

By the way, another great and very informative talk that day was held by Kirsten Jassies about the rise of visual content; and infographics was presented as one of the big trends in this context. Another great talk was given by my German friends Thea and Toni from the beautiful sister-mag about their creative process, giving us a lot of useful tools for blogging. The girls convinced us once again how much they believe in digital and mobile publications and promised that sister-mag will never ever exist as a printed version. For me, they really are pioneers and visionaries in that field.

So, as you see, it was a very interesting and rich week-end and, above all, I enjoyed spending time with my friends Clara, Ricarda, KathrinToni and Thea and also meeting new blogging friends such as Judith (you have to visit her blog! I love it and she lives in my home region in France: Picardie), Gudy and Iris.

I will be posting a last post about Stockholm this week, before heading to some new adventures.

Have a lovely week!

xxx Elodie