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LOVEly Guestpost by Igor from Happy Interior Blog

Hello everybody! This is Igor of Happy Interior Blog and today I am particularly happy as I am guest blogging on my friend Elodie's beautiful blog. Elodie is hopefully enjoying her time out and is focusing on her new mother role, while I was pondering of a childhood memory of myself. Recently I went to visit my family in Serbia. And there was my idea. As a child, I was traveling every summer to what then was Yugoslavia. To visit the country of my parents, to mingle with my family. But I won't speak of the obvious. One other thing has left deep marks in my memory and shaped my personal view. It was the intense contact with the nature. With the green power surrounding me as a kid. I grew up in Austria and there is nature too, but in Yugoslavia I spent a more intensive time exploring the nature, walking through orchards, vineyards, picking fruits from trees on the go. I remember my grandmother preparing fresh salads with veggies from the garden, the hugest and most aromatic tomatoes, I remember exploring the surrounding hills with my cousins and picking blackberries, plums, apples, running through vineyards and snacking juicy grapes in between, munching on sweet figs while taking in the sweet scent of the fig tree. I remember dining on my grandparents' porch under a natural roof of vines. I remember the scents and tastes of nature and summer.



Today, I am sharing a few pics of our garden in Serbia that I took in August. It's fruits that I used to pick in the morning for breakfast. Just off the tree. As simple as that. Something that I am missing in a city like Munich.




My childhood memory is still part of my personality and I hope that all young parents will take their kids out into the nature. Make them appreciate that food comes from nature and grows. To make them feel the bond between us humans and our surrounding nature. And to make them understand how important it is to us. Hopefully they will become more conscious when it comes to our environment than the generations before and our generation, too. In this sense: Little Miss Love, embrace the beauties of the nature and be a happy, happy kid!