Urban Jungle Bloggers: Green Festive Vignette

Hello everyone, I am so happy to be taking part for the first time in the #urbanjungle monthly series initiated by my dear friends Igor and Judith. This time Igor and Judith asked us to compose a green festive vignette.
I have decided to show you my dry heath plant. It is not exactly a Christmas decoration but I think that it looks pretty festive with my black house doctor star on my green cabinet in my living room. What do you think?
I have decided to show you a dry plant as it's about as green as I can be with plants. I love plants in gardens, but I don't like having any in my flat. I prefer fresh cut flowers, as you well know if you are a regular reader of my blog.
I find heath looks much prettier when dry. It makes branches bend in a very elegant way and you can keep the plant forever, without having to worry about watering it.
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I wish you  a great Wednesday - Thank you Igor and Judith for this brilliant idea.