Vase Story: My Vietjar from Tine k home

Vietnamese_Jar_Tinekhome Good Morning everyone!

Today I would like to show you one of my favourite vase: My VIETJAR from the Danish brand Tinekhome. This vase is an old, unique jar from the Vietnamese rivers, made out of clay. Each one is unique and different and you can buy them in three different sizes from XS to XL. They cost between 20 € and 71 €.  They are very rough and irregular, and that's what make them so beautiful and special, especially if you want to make a bouquet with a still life touch.  As the vases are not enameled on the inside nor on the outside, I advise to put a little glass recipient in the vase before you put some water in the vase, in order to prevent it from licking.  I use baby jars as they fit perfectly. Tinekhome is a brand that I really like, and this vase is also on my wish list. I bought this black one, along with my Vietjar in a fabulous interior shop in Hamburg called Eden Living. I wish you a great day! Talk to you soon Elodie