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Lys Vintage - A classic among the interior shops

Follow my blog with Bloglovin You can't write about the loveliest Interior design shops in Hamburg, without talking about Lys Vintage. It is not a secret anymore, but if you are visiting Hamburg, it should definitely be on your list! Lys means light in Danish. The showroom in Hamburg is like a mini-design museum with furnitures, lamps and accessories  from normann copenhagen, Ferm Living, Hay and many more. The online shop is brilliant and I really like the blog part of the website, and the section "im echten Leben" (in real life), presenting the objects in the apartments of their new owners.

Lys Vintage Blog Facebook Fanpage Eppendorfer Weg 8 20259 Hamburg Mo. – Fr. : 11:00 – 19:00 Sat.            : 11:00 – 18:00

Nordlys - scandinavian design in Hamburg

You know I like Hamburg because it is so design orientated. I also like it because it has a lot of Scandinavian influences. In some small shops like Nordlys, I have got the impression to be in the city centre of Copenhagen! This very pretty shop is situated in the Görnerstrasse 4, in Hamburg, Eppdendorf.They sell some  pretty brands such as Bloomingville, Green Gate , Liv or Rice. You can also find a large selection of ribbans - that are really gorgeous as well aa a selection of pretty clothes. You can also drink a a nice Milchkaffee in the shop. The good thing is that the shop is also open on the Sunday. You can't miss the danish flag at the entrance

When you go - you have to have a look at the back of the shop to see the two beautiful cats of the shop owner having a nap in their wooden basket through the window

Görnerstrasse 4