Lovely Fabric: Petit Pan

Tissus Petit Pan. Good morning everyone! At the end of last year, I told you about one of my favorite French fabric designer called France Duval Stalla. Today I am back with some fabric love and another French brand called Petit Pan. Petit Pan is a very colourful brand, but the kind of colours I like! Deep blues and bright pinks! Petit Pan was created in Paris in 2002 and sells decoration items, fabric (with more than 140 different patterns) and clothes made out of those fabrics. Here is a selection of some of my favourite patterns. That is a perfect fabric for decorating a nursery or make a colourful statement with a cushion in your livingroom. I used a blue Petit Pan fabric for the pennant banner in Ella's bedroom. petit Pan

Petit Pan has a very distinctive and joyful style inspired by Asian patterns and colours. I really makes me want to travel. Petit Pan is also well known for their paper lanterns. I have had a red dragon fly in my flat for ages, and it is still one of my favourite decoration items.

petit pan lampion

You can buy Petit Pan fabric in their shops in Paris, Toulouse and now Antwerp in Belgium, but also in their online shop. I wish you a fantastic day! Elodie

© all pictures by petit pan with permission

Lovely fabric - France Duval-Stalla

Hello my dears,I am starting a new column on the blog today called Lovely Fabric and I would like to talk about fabric design with you. I am a fabric addict - I love pretty patterns and soft fabric and am using fabric a lot in decoration. I like sewing cushions and curtains for my home. I made almost all the curtains myself in my flat. I also used a lot of different fabric to decorate my daughter's little nursery. I usually buy my fabric online via French online shops, as a lot of the fabric I like are not available here in Germany. Through this series, I would like to introduce you to some of my favourite fabric designers from France and from all over the world or just some of my favourite patterns and tell you where you can source them online. The first fabric designer, I would like to talk to you about is France Duval-Stalla. Here are a couple of her patterns. She is working with a lot of greys and muted colours. France_Duval_stalla_silver france Duval Stalla

France Duval-Stalla is a very well-known fabric designer in France. She started with editing cambric fabric, in quality that is very comparable to the Tana Lawn fabric from Liberty of London. Now she sells a lot of different fabric, such as jersey, crepon, tulle or linen. She is so successful and appreciated nowadays among the French DIY crowd, that she has her own fan blog, where the "France Duval-Stalla addicts" can post their creations and share them with others.

Now you also have the chance to become a fan of France Duval-Stalla fabric, and add a little French touch to your decoration with maybe a little cushion or a plaid for your sofa with the fantastic Gray with pink cloud of stars matt coated cambric.

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exclusive offer_France_Duval_Stalla_fabric

France_duval_Stalla_displaySince last year, there is also a France Duval-Stalla shop in the Montparnasse district in Paris. If you happen to be visiting Paris, you should definitely have a little look:

France Duval-Stalla shop: 4, rue du regard 75006 Paris France

Find France Duval Stalla online: on her Website/Webshop on Facebook on Instagram on Pinterest France_duval_stalla_fabric_display

pictures (c) France Duval-Stalla

Baby love's little nursery

Good morning everyone,As promised several times, today is the day of the big reveal: I will show you the finished baby nursery. Maybe baby love will want to visit it soon! So here is what I did with this room after I decided on the colour scheme and did a virtual moodboard and collected some inspiration on Pinterest. I will start with the main pieces of furniture and show you the little details:


Little black sheep by Jellycat

The grey bed is from the French brand Combelle - I bought it on the French website Smallable, along with a lovely grey changing table and I am very much in love. I picked a grey bed with a lot of cushions and made a padded cot bumper in different shades of blue and grey. The mobile adds some purple to make it a bit more girly, and some animals to make it more fun. Stars as a pattern can be found in the shape of the blue cushion, on the mobile and on the ribbons.


For the first months, baby love will sleep in a French antique crib my parents brought me in July, where my sister used to sleep as a baby 28 years ago.


I found this antique wardrobe in the lovely shop Lieblingszimmer in Hamburg (which by the way just opened an online shop) - and instantly fell in love. I like the fact that the vitrine has also got glass on the side. We didn't want to buy something too babyish and I am not sure that this will stay for ever in baby love's bedroom. I could image it very well later in a dining room for presenting pretty plates and glasses. For the time being, I love the fact that I can enjoy the beautiful clothes my mum made for baby love.




 2. On the walls

little_nursery_wall_seventytree copy The print is by UK illustrator Kerry Layton from her beautiful brand Seventy tree.


The pompoms come from the German website Pompom your life. They are hand-made and they have a great selection of colours to choose from on the website.


I made the pennant banner myself. It's a great way to use little pieces of fabric. I used some Liberty of London art fabric, some Japanese fabric, some fabric by Swedish design Lotta Jansdotter and some French fabric from petit pan. I made a big one that hangs above the bed as well as a mini-version. A tutorial is coming soon on the blog.


I also made the embroidery hoops with Liberty of London of fabric that I showed you previously on the blog. They now hang above the changing table.


I wanted to put some contrasting elements on the night blue painted wall. I decided to go for a wall sticker in silver - I have been a big fan of Shanna Murray and was so happy to finally have a good excuse for ordering one of her stickers. The unicorn head is from the German shop Butlers.



3. The lighting:


4. The little animals:

Little Animals_1 Nursery_mobile



Nursery_mice 5. The little stars:

Nursery_little_starsA big thank you to Jocelyn from the gorgeous blog little room of style for her wonderful photos and to my little assistant Cheddar:



So I hope you liked my little nursery tour. I am looking forward to your feedback. I hope it doesn't look too much like a little boy's nursery with the choice of colours.

xxx Elodie

(c) All photography by Jocelyn Casey and Elodie Love

Pimping Baby Love's clothes - Iron transfer tutorial

Good morning! I am back today with another little DIY tutorial. Last week I presented you my little pink cloud body using stencil printing. Today I want to show you how to pimp baby (and adult of course!) clothes by using iron transfers. I bought these lovely transfers on the Isemarkt in Hamburg from the lovely shop kinder+raum. The designer Evy has got a stand on the market every Tuesday. It is of course also possible to buy the transfers online or in a couple of shops in Hamburg. Here is what I made for baby love and how it goes:

1. Select the pattern you want to transfer and the item of clothing.

2. Position the transfer on your fabric and place it on something hard - a wooden kitchen table would work better than an ironing board.

3. Place a sheet of baking paper between the fabric and the pattern before ironing. Set your iron to 150 to 160° C and press against the fabric with a lot of pressure for 20 seconds. It is important to press and not iron.

4. Peal off the plastic film et voila!

iron transfer step by step_1

Here are a couple of examples of what I did for baby love.



The colourful bodies are from petit bateau, the white body and kimono style t-shirt from C&A, and the muslim squares from Budnikowski. The patterns are from kinder+raum and the paper box is from Tiger

I hope you like it. It is a very easy and economical way of pimping your plain baby outfits and bodies. Take care and have a nice day.


The nursery project #4 - Playing with fabric

Dear readers, as a lot of you already know, I am a little bit of a Liberty addict. I just finished a baby blanket with Liberty fabric on one side and a very pretty Japanese fabric on the other side. I will show it to you later. Yesterday, I have been playing with three different Liberty of London patterns to decorate the walls of the nursery. I used embroidery hoops to frame them. It is a very easy way to display your favorite fabric on the walls. I bought them at the German DIY shop Idee. Here are the three fabrics I picked from my collection - I chose fabrics that fit in the colour concept of the nursery.

Liberty for the nursery

Becci Tana Lawn from the spring/ summer 2012 Glencot House collection was inspired whilst a member of the Liberty Art Fabrics team was reclining on an old patterned chair in the drawing room at Glencot House in Somerset. A layered design of leaves and flowers creates three dimensions drawn from the gardens at Glencot. Becci A is shades of blue, jade and grey.

Poppy and Daisy is on the Classic Tana list since 1979, Liberty Poppy and Daisy was designed in 1974 by the Jack Prince Studio. Version K has brown, blue and purple flowers.

Wiltshire is a leaf and berry pattern which was designed for Liberty in 1933 and redesigned for Tana in 1968. Wiltshire has been on the Classic Tana list since 1979. Colourway L has blue, lilac and olive berries on a dark background.

Liberty Hoops for the nursery

Liberty Wiltshire L Hoop for the nursery I also played yesterday with Muslin squares and Liberty bias tape. I gave it then yesterday night to my friend Sabrina for her 6 weeks old baby - but I will definitely also make some for baby love!

Liberty for the nursery_4

Liberty for the nursery_5

My next project is a nursing pillow with Marimekko fabric. I can't wait to show it to you!

Speak to you soon!


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My new reversible blue bag

Here is my new pretty home-made project with some beautiful fabric I brought back from my stay in Lyon.I know it is not very seasonal and I need to wait for some good weather to wear it: means no rain...which happens sometimes in Hamburg! but it was so easy and quick to make: It jus took me one evening after work and I love the fabric.  I hope you had a good week so far. Talk to you soon.

Nordlys - scandinavian design in Hamburg

You know I like Hamburg because it is so design orientated. I also like it because it has a lot of Scandinavian influences. In some small shops like Nordlys, I have got the impression to be in the city centre of Copenhagen! This very pretty shop is situated in the Görnerstrasse 4, in Hamburg, Eppdendorf.They sell some  pretty brands such as Bloomingville, Green Gate , Liv or Rice. You can also find a large selection of ribbans - that are really gorgeous as well aa a selection of pretty clothes. You can also drink a a nice Milchkaffee in the shop. The good thing is that the shop is also open on the Sunday. You can't miss the danish flag at the entrance

When you go - you have to have a look at the back of the shop to see the two beautiful cats of the shop owner having a nap in their wooden basket through the window

Görnerstrasse 4

product photography - first try

As I will be selling my L.O.D. stuff for the first time at the "kleiner Dachladen" (the little roofshop) on May 19th, I need to have some nice photos of my products for the promotion of the event. I will be posting more information about the event soon.After trying a lot of different angles and backgrounds, I decided to shoot the products on a black background with my dear rabbit-pin cushion as visual unifier - and I think it works pretty well. What do you think?

Akiko - Ein Stück Japan

So, I think I talked or showed enough of my handmade stuff in the last posts. So let's talk about Hamburg. The first shop I would like to talk about is the beautiful Japanese shop called Akiko - "Ein Stück Japan" in the Hamburg Neustadt. Hamburg has so many design and decoration treasures to offer and so the Neustadt - it is not going to be the last post about this part of the city. Akiko opened her shop in the Wexstraße 39 about eight years ago.

She sells fabric with traditional japanese pattern

 japanese Yusen-paper

as well as decoration items such as boxes, or tableware

She also offers some handcrafted accessories and clothes produced with japanese fabric in her workshop.

Akiko has arranged her shop in a very tasteful and poetic way - with origami cranes dancing on branches but still respecting the traditional japanese sense of simplicity and harmony.

If you are a crafter and want to learn the art of origami (the traditional Japanese art of paper folding) you can join a workshop. The workshops take place in the shop, and Akiko teaches herself. Of course the fabric and the papers can be bought online, but it would be such a shame to miss a visit to this fabulous shop.

AKIKO  Ein Stück Japan Wexstraße 39 20355 Hamburg

Monday   : closed Tu. – Fr.  : 11:00 – 19:00 Sat.            : 11:00 – 15:00