Lovely Fabric: Petit Pan

Tissus Petit Pan. Good morning everyone! At the end of last year, I told you about one of my favorite French fabric designer called France Duval Stalla. Today I am back with some fabric love and another French brand called Petit Pan. Petit Pan is a very colourful brand, but the kind of colours I like! Deep blues and bright pinks! Petit Pan was created in Paris in 2002 and sells decoration items, fabric (with more than 140 different patterns) and clothes made out of those fabrics. Here is a selection of some of my favourite patterns. That is a perfect fabric for decorating a nursery or make a colourful statement with a cushion in your livingroom. I used a blue Petit Pan fabric for the pennant banner in Ella's bedroom. petit Pan

Petit Pan has a very distinctive and joyful style inspired by Asian patterns and colours. I really makes me want to travel. Petit Pan is also well known for their paper lanterns. I have had a red dragon fly in my flat for ages, and it is still one of my favourite decoration items.

petit pan lampion

You can buy Petit Pan fabric in their shops in Paris, Toulouse and now Antwerp in Belgium, but also in their online shop. I wish you a fantastic day! Elodie

© all pictures by petit pan with permission