madame love loves: by lassen

Kubus_2 Good morning everyone,

Today I would like to talk about design with you. The Danish brand by Lassen owns the rights to the designs of two of Denmark's greatest architects - Mogens Lassen (1901-1987) and Flemming Lassen (1902-1984). by Lassen is a family business, and is run by Søren and Nadia Lassen, the grandson and great granddaughter of the architects.

The design philosophy of by lassen is:

beautiful and elegant design melds with quality and practicality to create timeless products based on Danish craftsmanship and design. The KUBUS candlestick is most iconic and famous item from the brand. Mogens Lassen actually worked on the KUBUS candlestick for a long time before arriving at the shape we know today in 1962. Each individual Kubus candlestick is made with exactitude and the relationship between the sides calculated with great precision. The piece was first reserved solely for family and close architect colleagues.

The KUBUS has now been joined by other beautiful new designs. When Søren and Nadia Lassen set up the company by Lassen, they found inspiration for furniture, lamps and home accessories in the archives, designed Mogens and Flemming Lassen but which were never put into production. Collage_By lassen

Sources: from left to right and from top to bottom

1. Candleholder LINE 2. Stool ML42 3. KUBUS - in copper 4. FRAME - Storage solution 5. KUBUS Bowl in cool grey 6. Mirror VIEW 7. Twin table

PS: A Warm thank you to by Lassen for sending me this beautiful black KUBUS. I am very much in love. That's the kind of timeless design piece, that you can never get tired of.