summer flowers

Hello everyone, I don't know on which side of the planet you live, but on my side the weather has been great for more than a week, and even if the warmth is a bit tough when you are pregnant, I wanted to celebrate with you today with some summer flowers on the blog.


I found those beauties yesterday on the Isemarkt in Hamburg, one of the largest markets in Europe with a fantastic flowers selection. The flowers come from the region around Hamburg, from a cut flowers garden called Kolbe's Bio-Blumen. I love this mix of poppies, corn flowers and daisies. It reminds me of the bouquets I used to make at home in France. Here are a couple of more pictures: summer_flowers_6









I wish you all a very nice and sunny day! xxx Elodie

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The nursery project #3 - mood board - the colours

Hello everyone, As promised there, I will share the evolution of my "nursery project" with you on the blog. Today I want to show you a little mood board I created in order to illustrate the overall look I want to give to the room and decide on the main colours in want to use in the decoration of the nursery. As you can see the two main colours are blue and grey/silver.


Moodoard_Lovely Nursery


1. Pompoms to add some lightness and fluffiness to the decoration 2. Print Everyone's friend from seventy tree - looks perfect for a future multilingual child 3.Wall hooks in different shades of blue 4. A unicorn - this one has already moved in... 5. A lovely star carpet. 6- The Egmont bunny lamp - In fact I have had this lamp for ages in my living room. Now, it lives where it belongs: in the nursery! 7. Lovely fabric: from left to right: Liberty art fabric - Capel blue Liberty art fabrics- Eloise blue Liberty art fabrics - Betsy grey France Duval-Stalla - Grey with white cloud of stars cambric 8- soft toy - dog - in Japanese Zakka style

1. Why blue? I decided to pick blue as the main colour, even if I am expecting a baby girl. The baby's bedroom is going to be set in our former bedroom in which we painted one of the walls in midnight blue last year. I still love this colour so much and find it so peaceful, that I decided not to change it and build the decoration around it. To make it a little more girly, I am adding some flowery Liberty fabric. I am a big fan of british stylist, shop owner and book author Abigael Ahern and her choices of dark colours in decoration, and decided to apply that to the nursery. I also decided to mix different shades of blue.

2. Why grey/silver? First of all, grey is my favorite colour in decoration. I painted the main wall in my living room in grey and I really love it. Grey/silver is more going to be used as accents in the nursery, as a contrasting colour to blue and in fabric. We will leave the other walls in the nursery plain white. For me silver as something magical in it and I hope it will inspire my little princess.

3. The Patterns I am going to use a lot of stars in the decoration of the room, as well as animals, as I think they both fit perfectly in a baby's room.

So! I hope you got inspired. I think we are also going to add some neon yellow to the room.

It's all for today. I will be back tomorrow on the blog with a great flower project - so stay tuned.

xxx Elodie

Blue variation

Hello everyone, I gave a little dinner party last Saturday, and it's always the occasion for me to pimp my flat with some fresh cut flowers. When I was on the market, I bought some blue flowers. I decided not to mix them, but to make three different bouquet and display them on different spots of the flat. Here is the result. I hope you will enjoy it. Which one do you prefer? Myosotis, delphinium or hortensia? Speak to you soon!

xxx Elodie blue_variation_by_madame_love_the_flowers








My yellow anemones

Hello everyone,I haven't been very active on the blog lately. Soon, I will reveal you why, and I hope I will find more time to write and publish more. Today I want to share some simple and extraordinary flowers at the same time with you. I have always loved anemones. We used to buy some with my mum for my piano teacher who loved them when I was a little girl: the classical red, white and blue mix. The other day I the flower shop, I found some yellow ones! They don't naturally grow that way, they are artificially coloured, which I usually hate, but this time, I love the result! What do you think? I also love how they contrast with the blue grape hyacinths.





yellow_anemonesThe flowers are from the flower shop Küchenblume in Hamburg. The fabric is from heuteschmidt. The vase is from Miss étoile.

Have a wonderful week and speak to you soon!



#1.2 – 2 flower girls by Glomerylane & madame love

Hello everyone,Maybe you couldn’t wait to see Inga’s flowers yesterday and had a look at the Glomerylane blog already. Today I will be presenting her flowers on madame love as well. It is stunning to see how you can achieve a very different styling with the same flowers.

2 flower girls - owl vase and yacinths

2 flower girls - anemones and owl

2 flower girls - owl from above First I am in love with the sweet owl vase, I think that using animals in decoration is just charming.

owl on a dark fabric I also love the dark background, and the texture of the fabric on some of the photos. I think it gives the composition a very strong atmosphere that contrasts beautifully with the cuteness of the owl. I found this first edition of “2 flower girls” very exciting and stimulating. What do think? I am really curious to hear about your reaction. To be continued in February.



PS: you can find the pretty owl at Lys Vintage.

Photos by Inga from Glomerylane.

#1.1 - 2 flower girls by Glomerylane & madame love

A the end of 2012, I met Inga and visited her beautiful flower blog Glomerylane online. We have been talking a lot over skype and e-mail since.  I live in Hamburg (in the north of Germany) and Inga lives in Stuttgart (down South) and we will finaly meet in real life in March at a blogger meet-up in Munich. We decided to start a project together in 2013, as we share the same passion for flowers, and flower styling. Once a month, Glomerylane and madame love will be writing a column together  called “2 flower girls”. The idea is that we buy the same flowers in the same colours on the same day and style them our own way. We would like to give you some styling tips and maybe inspire you to do it yourself at home.

2 flower girls - anemones 2 flower girls - hyacinths close up

Here are my styling tips to achieve the same result at home:

1- If you use a wide and relatively low vase, don’t be afraid to cut the stems. The flowers have to fall nicely in the vase. 2- Think about the structure of your vase: if you use a vase made of glass, you should try to use the transparency and think about how your stems look through the glass. For this bouquet, I decided to bind the flowers with some organza ribbon. It think it looks gorgeous floating in the water. Try also giving the bunch a nice twist when binding it. 3- Get rid of the leaves – or get rid of most of the leaves. You can keep a couple of them, but if you keep them all, the green will become very dominant in your bouquet. It is true for hyacinths and I think it is also very true with tulips.

2 flower girls - the ribbon 2 flower girls from above 2 flower girls hyacinths from the side

Voila! Tomorrow I will be posting Inga’s bouquet on my blog, so stay tuned! If you can’t wait, you can have a look today on her blogpost, at Glomerylane. Have a lovely day, speak to you tomorrow and don’t forget to buy some flowers this week!



Mimosa - lighting up the winter like in the south of France

Dear readers, I hope you had a nice Sunday. It's all christmassy around us -  but today, I want to bring a little sun into the middle of the winter with the beautiful mimosa I found in a flower shop yesterday. I combined them with some beautiful dark blue anemones. The colour combination is my mum's favorite and I also love it. Mimosa is a neon yellow flower that you find at this time of the year in the south of France and reminds me of the wonderful time I had living in Aix-en-Provence. Apart from being so beautiful and delicate, this is a very scented flower. It is a shame I can't do a scented post yet. I decided to do a musical post instead with a song from the French singer Barbara, talking about the death of her mum and wishing that she rests in peace in heaven with the scent of a mimosa flower.

I wish a nice penultimate week of 2012! xxx Elodie

lighting up the winter-by-madame love

Que vos étés se fleurissent Dans votre pays, là-bas Aux senteurs odorantes D'une fleur de mimosa, Que votre hiver se réchauffe Au coin d'une cheminée, Que les saisons vous soient douces. Vous avez tant mérité.

Rémusat (Barbara)

Anemones & Mimosa-by-madame-love

mimosa by madame love






Blue still life

Hello everyone,
I just finished reading a very interesting book about still life photography. I will talk soon in details about this book and its author who agreed today to do an interview with me for the blog.  I am so excited!
Today, I would like to show you the first results of what I have learned in this book. I first decided to try with  flower photography, with some still life elements in the picture.
I am so looking forward to your feedback!
Have a nice week-end!





My new reversible blue bag

Here is my new pretty home-made project with some beautiful fabric I brought back from my stay in Lyon.I know it is not very seasonal and I need to wait for some good weather to wear it: means no rain...which happens sometimes in Hamburg! but it was so easy and quick to make: It jus took me one evening after work and I love the fabric.  I hope you had a good week so far. Talk to you soon.