A little garden in France

pansies in the garden Hello everyone, on my way to the Joyeuse Clique Workhop at the beginning of April with parents, we stopped at my Mum's best friend house in a little village in Burgundy and I wanted to share some pictures of her lovely garden with you. It was the beginning of April and the garden was full of pansies and little daisies planted in very pretty pots and Medicis vases.  I wish you a great day! Speak to you soon, Elodie french garden blue pansiespaquerettes


pink paquerettes




pomponette medicis vase

pansies in antic vase

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2 flower girls #7 - The dahlia edition

Hello everyone, this is my first blogpost today since the birth of my daughter Ella three weeks ago. Inga and I are back with this autumnal edition of #2flowergirls. We chose the most autumnal of all flowers, the dahlia. I chose some deep red and orange ones, I found on my local market. I added some guelder rose berries and some rose hips to the bouquet and displayed some decorative pumpkins on the table to give it a more rustic aspect. Today's #2flowergirls will be on madame love only, but I will show you one of Inga's photos.

If you want to participate, you can post a link to your blogpost in the comment field under this post  and show us how you styled and photographed your dahlias. You can also send us the photos by e-mail or post them on Instagram or Twitter along with the #2flowergirls hashtag. We will then collect the photos and post them on our Dahlia's board on Pinterest.










I also made two small bouquets to please my dear Inga! The red one in the stem vase is called cactus-dahlia

Straight-cactus Dahlias


and here is the glomerylane mini bouquet. Inga and I didn't talk about the the flowers before, but we really went for the same colours this time.


We are both looking forward to seeing your beautiful dahlias. We wish you a wonderful day.

Your 2 flower girls,

Elodie & Inga

Some dahlias for baby love

Hello everyone,

When I saw these gorgeous dahlias at the market yesterday, I couldn't resist! I decided to be crazy and spend € 2.50 even if I could go to the hospital any moment now, as I am already 8 days overdue. I think the shades of pink, red and purple are just beautiful. They make me look forward to the autumn and its fantastic range of warm colours. I also wanted to use my new mini-medicis vase I found last week. So here are a couple of photos for you and for my baby love. Maybe she will want to come out if she already feels the beauty of flowers. Have a nice day and talk to you soon! Elodie










summer flowers

Hello everyone, I don't know on which side of the planet you live, but on my side the weather has been great for more than a week, and even if the warmth is a bit tough when you are pregnant, I wanted to celebrate with you today with some summer flowers on the blog.


I found those beauties yesterday on the Isemarkt in Hamburg, one of the largest markets in Europe with a fantastic flowers selection. The flowers come from the region around Hamburg, from a cut flowers garden called Kolbe's Bio-Blumen. I love this mix of poppies, corn flowers and daisies. It reminds me of the bouquets I used to make at home in France. Here are a couple of more pictures: summer_flowers_6









I wish you all a very nice and sunny day! xxx Elodie

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Dala horse - A Swedish tradition

Hello everyone, Last week-end was midsommar in Sweden, so I decided to write a blogpost about a pretty souvenir I brought with my from Stockholm last February, when I attended the Meet the Blogger Conference. You can read my other blogpost about Stockholm here, here and there. The little souvenir is called dalahästen in Swedish and Dala horse or Dalecarlian horse in English. I was in the small log-cabins deep in the forests during the long winter nights in front of the fire, that the ancestor of the Dala horse was born. Using simple tools, generally a knife, toys were carved for the children. The fact, that many horses were made was only natural, because the horse to them was invaluable. In the older days, the Dala horse was mostly a toy for children, but nowadays, it is a symbol for the kingdom of Sweden. The earliest reference of wooden horses for sale is from 1624. The pattern of today is about 150 years old and it reflects a style of painting known as "Kurbits". In 19th century, Sticka-Erik Hansson introduced the technique of painting with two colours in the same brush. Even today the Dala horses are painted this traditional way. Today's Dala horse is still a handicraft article, made out of pine, and at least nine different persons have contributed with their skills to create the horse. At the beginning, I wanted to buy a black horse or maybe a blue one from the flea-market:



But then, I had to choose a traditional red one, as it much better stands for the swedish style - So I found this one at Grannas:

red_DalahästenAnd now it lives on my bookshelf in my living room, in front of my red books:


Granna A. Olsson Hemslöjd AB (were I found my horse) was founded in 1922 and is today the oldest company making Dalecarlian horses. Website:

Speak to you soon. xxx Elodie

Magic mushrooms

I am sorry I have been away for a little while, but I had a nasty tooth operation and was so down that I even lost interest in blogging! It was so bad that I couldn't even taste the cake that Clara baked on Saturday for the Blogst Workshop. But I am back now.Look at what I found during our little walk on Sunday afternoon. I discovered a little mushroom family with red and white spots, well hidden under loads of autumn leaves. Red is one of my favorite colours for decorating - and I love the red and white combination: very Swedish! My kitchen is completely red and white.

 I have alway been a fan of polka dots, and those mushrooms, are just perfect. You just have the impression that they come out of the kitchen of a famous French chef patissier, even if they are most probably very poisonous.

red carnation trio

So - now I am back from my short stay in France. I stayed in Lyon and visited some dear friends and my cousin and spent the weekend in the Auvergne for the wedding of my oldest friend. It was really nice!The first thing I did when I came back was buying flowers. You know me! I think that a flat always looks a bit sad when you come back from a holiday and flowers are the best antidote against sadness! I used the pretty vases I bought in the lovely Lieblingszimmer shop and decorated one of them with some washi tape. I am usually not a big fan of carnations but I really got inspired by the intensity of their colours and I used the wonderful French fabric from Petit Pan as a backdrop for my pictures.

My little assistant #4 - Flowers are the best

So, now that we had a little break from my cat series, here comes n°4 - the classic one. As you all now, Cheddar's favorite things remain the flowers. He is always very excited when I come home carrying a bunch of them and he always feels the need to smell them. At the beginning, it kind of annoyed me, when I was trying to take my pictures, but now it became a tradition and every time, he sees my camera and some flowers, he jumps on the kitchen table for the photo shooting.So here are a some examples: