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Dala horse - A Swedish tradition

Hello everyone, Last week-end was midsommar in Sweden, so I decided to write a blogpost about a pretty souvenir I brought with my from Stockholm last February, when I attended the Meet the Blogger Conference. You can read my other blogpost about Stockholm here, here and there. The little souvenir is called dalahästen in Swedish and Dala horse or Dalecarlian horse in English. I was in the small log-cabins deep in the forests during the long winter nights in front of the fire, that the ancestor of the Dala horse was born. Using simple tools, generally a knife, toys were carved for the children. The fact, that many horses were made was only natural, because the horse to them was invaluable. In the older days, the Dala horse was mostly a toy for children, but nowadays, it is a symbol for the kingdom of Sweden. The earliest reference of wooden horses for sale is from 1624. The pattern of today is about 150 years old and it reflects a style of painting known as "Kurbits". In 19th century, Sticka-Erik Hansson introduced the technique of painting with two colours in the same brush. Even today the Dala horses are painted this traditional way. Today's Dala horse is still a handicraft article, made out of pine, and at least nine different persons have contributed with their skills to create the horse. At the beginning, I wanted to buy a black horse or maybe a blue one from the flea-market:



But then, I had to choose a traditional red one, as it much better stands for the swedish style - So I found this one at Grannas:

red_DalahästenAnd now it lives on my bookshelf in my living room, in front of my red books:


Granna A. Olsson Hemslöjd AB (were I found my horse) was founded in 1922 and is today the oldest company making Dalecarlian horses. Website:

Speak to you soon. xxx Elodie

Stockholm #2: Where to shop

Hello there, today I would like to give you a couple of shopping tips in Stockholm and show a couple of pictures I took in a very stylish shop called Snickarbacken 7 . A shop and a café are located in this building from the the 16th Century that used to be the stable of a Catholic girl's scholl. The shop is not very big, but displays a lot of nice pieces and has a very swedish flair with a lot of black and white.




lovely animals at snickarbacken by madame love

Judith in the shop - where to shop in stockholm by madame lovesnickarbacken-by-madame-lov

snickerbacken 7 by madame love stockholm


Madame Love little Stockholm's shopping guide:

Snickarbacken 7 Website Snickarbacken 7, Stockholm

Lotta Agaton shop of the interior stylist Lotta Agaton The shop is only open on Thursdays but definitely worth a visit. Website Rådmansgatan 7, Stockholm

Granit A very cool swedish design chain with a lot of black and white Website For example: Götgatan 31, Stockholm but they have many shops around the city

Speak to you soon!




Stockholm #1 - First day in the city

Hello everyone,I spent the first days of February in Stockholm this year. You might find it a strange idea, as the meteorological conditions are not the best for visiting a city but I had an excuse. I was attending the "Meet the blogger" conference - An international event for home design and lifestyle bloggers. The conference took place on Saturday and Sunday, but I will talk a little more about what I learned and who I met in Stockholm in another blogpost. I arrived to Stockholm very early on the Friday morning with Clara, and we had a few hours to discover the city before the sun came down - and believe it or not, it was a very sunny day!

lovely-front door-in-stockhom by madame love


first-day-in-stockholm-walking around the city


shop window in stockholmIt was a charming first day in Stockholm with a lot of walking around. I will be posting more Stockholm in the next few days - So stay tuned. What about you? Have a visited Stockholm? Do you like the city? Talk to you soon



Magic mushrooms

I am sorry I have been away for a little while, but I had a nasty tooth operation and was so down that I even lost interest in blogging! It was so bad that I couldn't even taste the cake that Clara baked on Saturday for the Blogst Workshop. But I am back now.Look at what I found during our little walk on Sunday afternoon. I discovered a little mushroom family with red and white spots, well hidden under loads of autumn leaves. Red is one of my favorite colours for decorating - and I love the red and white combination: very Swedish! My kitchen is completely red and white.

 I have alway been a fan of polka dots, and those mushrooms, are just perfect. You just have the impression that they come out of the kitchen of a famous French chef patissier, even if they are most probably very poisonous.

My favourite room

Lieblingszimmer (favourite room) is a fantastic furniture shop in Hamburg Eppendorf. It is a bit hidden from the main road on the Ludolfstrasse 60. The shop sells antic furnitures and accessoires in pastel colours. From gustavian grey to pale green in the provencal style. You almost have the impression to be in the middle of a french vintage patisserie surrounded by beautiful macarons.The antic furnitures either have kept their original patina or have been renovated in the workshop. The total surface of the shop is 170 m2 and you can find almost every kind of furnitures - from bedside tables to cupboards or vintage vases. I especially like the vintage kitchen table. It is the perfect place to go if you want some furnitures with a soul but still at an affordable price.