LOVEly flowershops: La Frénésie in Brussels

mini bouquet madamelove Hello Everyone, It's a long time since I have found or taken the time to write a blogpost. I still take lots of photos and still make lots of bouquets but somehow, with my little family, my full time job and my 2 hours commuting time every day, I don't know anymore when to blog.

Maybe I should rebrand my little online space or start thinking about new projects to find some new motivation for the blog. In fact I have been working on a new visual identity for madame love with a designer friend for some time now, but I need to stick to it and advance on that project too!

Well well, enough about my little "etats d'ame" as the French would say and back to my blogpost. 

Today, I would like to show you a lovely flowershop I visited when I was in Brussels a couple of weeks ago with Mr. Love. This shop is situated in the Marolles district of Brussels, on the square where the gorgeous fleamarket takes place every Sunday. It is called La Frénésie and it is full with lovely vintage decoration and pretty flowers. jacinthe madame lovechair and flowerscactus by madame lovela frenesie bruxellesplant displaysucculent la frenesiewhite flowers la frenesieI love visiting flower shops when I go on holiday somewhere and show you the pictures here. I wish you all a great start in this new week! I hope I will find the way back to this wonderful thing that is blogging. In the meantime, if you want to see and here more of me, I am still microblogging on Instagram! Elodie

La Frénésie 67 Place du Jeu de Balles Brussels +32 473 71 09 08

monochrome bouquet: purple!

purple bouquet_2

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! The week is already a bit old, but today I would like to show you the flowers I shot at home on Sunday. The weather was cold but very sunny and I enjoyed the nap of the little miss to make a bouquet and do my first open air shooting at home in the garden. It was very enjoyable! I decided to mix different flowers but to stick to one colour: purple.  I really like monochrome bouquets - sticking to one colour and playing with shapes and palettes. I think, that way, you notice better the different colours of the scabiosa and of the heart of the anemone.  For this bouquet, I chose:

  • scabiosa
  • veronica
  • anemones 
  • eucalyptus (for the green touch)

You can see which is which in the picture underneath. 

purple bouquet_ingredientsWhat about you? How do you like your bouquets? Do you like to go colourful or to stick to one main colour? I wish you all a great day! Elodie

purple bouquet_1

first anemones of 2015 - first bouquet of the year


bouquet of anemones Good morning everyone! Here is my first bouquet for you this year. Thank you for your comments here and on Instagram about my 2014 bouquets. It gives me the energy to continue making them and sharing them with you here. I chose a simple multicolour bouquet of anemones. I also like the simplicity of white anemones but those little colourfull bouquets remind me of my childhood. I am still not really installed and settled in my new life and I have to fight quite a bit with several administrations in France and in Germany. I hope it will all be okay soon and I will find the way back to blog and to flower styling. I wish you all a great day! Elodie  


violettes and anemones

pink anemone

A bouquet of Clematis and Aquilegia

clematis_aquilegia Hello everyone! Just a short post to show you my bouquet today from the #onebouquetperday series while I am in France. Today I decided to make a bouquet with some clematis and a couple of aquilegia in the same shade of pink. I hope you will like them. They don't last very long in a vase, but I still like them very much. See you tomorrow for the next flowers from my parents garden. I might show you some more Pierre de Ronsard roses before the end of the week as they are just gorgeous at the moment. Have a great day! Elodie




My green Amsterdam

green_Amsterdam_in_front_of_a_house Hello everyone, as promised on Instagram, here comes my blogpost about the green side of lovely Amsterdam. After two pretty intensive days visiting the Keukenhof park and the flower bulb region, I had a very nice and relaxing Sunday in Amsterdam with my friend Ivona. I had my camera with as we went for a walk and I decided to take another angle for my blogpost about Amsterdam and to show you the green side of the city. So no canal houses, bikes on the bridges or boats on the water even though they are beautiful.  I am showing you the green side of the city, but not the obvious green side, with the blooming cherry trees and the lovely parks, but the plants and flowers in front of the houses and in the shop windows. When you walk around Amsterdam, you really realise, how much the flowers are loved in this city and how beautifully they are displayed. So here are a couple of photos, I took during my walk in the city centre of Amsterdam, in the restaurants and cafés and even in the lobby of the beautiful Rijksmuseum. So here are some wisteria, rosebuds, lilac and clematis for you, and of course also a couple of tulips! I wish you a great day! I will be back soon with a round to my visit to the daffodils festival on Saturday on some designers I love.  Have a great afternoon! Elodie



green_Amsterdam_rosebudsgreen_Amsterdam_Shop_window green_Amsterdam_tulipsgreen_Amsterdam_wild_flowersgreen_Amsterdam_windowgreen_Amsterdam_wisteriagreen_Amsterdam_rijksmuseum For regular updates, follow madame love on Bloglovin and Facebook

A little garden in France

pansies in the garden Hello everyone, on my way to the Joyeuse Clique Workhop at the beginning of April with parents, we stopped at my Mum's best friend house in a little village in Burgundy and I wanted to share some pictures of her lovely garden with you. It was the beginning of April and the garden was full of pansies and little daisies planted in very pretty pots and Medicis vases.  I wish you a great day! Speak to you soon, Elodie french garden blue pansiespaquerettes


pink paquerettes




pomponette medicis vase

pansies in antic vase

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Easter decoration idea: Hortensia on your table


Hello everyone,I just come back from the very inspiring Joyeuse Clique stylism blogger's session in the South of France. I have just been reviewing the pictures and I can't wait to show you the outcome in the next few days.
Today I would like to show you what you can do with Hortensia (also called Hydrangea). 

Hortensia is one of my favourite flowers.  They look so splendid in a garden and, as they love water, they are the perfect plants in rainy regions, such as Northern Germany where I live, the west coast of France or of course Great Britain. Of course, It is not quite spring yet and you are more likely to find hydrangeas in the flower shop than in your garden. So I have decided to show you some ideas of what you can do with a pot that you can buy from the flower shop.  If you take blue hortensia, you can create a very nice table decoration around it, with shades of green and purple. This can make a nice table for an easter brunch. I love that time of year, but I don't need to overdecorate my table with hundreds of painted eggs or tiny kitsch hares.  The good thing with decorating with flowers in a pot is that you can recycle them afterwards by planting them in your garden or in a nice pot on your balcony or terrace. 



Anyone who has ever had hydrangeas knows that they can be a bit tricky. That is over now, because of the new generation of hydrangeas that are easy to maintain, such as the hydrangeas of Forever&Ever®. Those, unlike older varieties, flower on one-year-old wood, i.e. even after cutting back or frost each branch still bears flowers IN THE SAME YEAR. And that also means: if you cut some branches to put them in a vase, the flowers on the plant will bloom again that same year!




 If you are invited to an easter lunch or brunch this year, why not bring an hortensia as a present. It's a present that is made to last. I love for instance the red variety from Forever&Ever®. Hortensia_blue_easter_decoration

I wish you a great day and talk to you soon, Elodie

PS: This post is sponsored by Forever&Ever®. However, my views about this plant are my own and haven't been influenced in any way.

Some more anemones!

anemone_red_pink_vase Hello everyone, I am so happy the #2flowergirls is back on track. We have received some very pretty entries so far and there are some more still coming. You can see some of those beauties on our Pinterest board. After I had photographed mine at the beginning of the week, I found some more anemones, this time in deep red and bright pink, that I combined with some crazy good looking red and pink scabiosa. Here are some pictures for you, along with some pictures of my favourite flower shop in Hamburg where I found those beautiful anemones called Küchenblume. I already presented the shop here, but it was so pretty the other day, that I had to show you more pictures. I wish you a great day full of flowers! Elodie Blumenküche_hamburganemone_red_bloomanemone_red_scabiosaanemoneBlumenküche_2Blumenküche_in frontBlumenküche_IrisBlumenküche_withe_flowersBlumenküche_minosa

Magnolia Multiflora in my living room

Good morning everyone, Do you like magnolias? I do and I always did.
When I was a little girl my parents had a beautiful magnolia tree in their garden, and I loved to climb on it. It was a MAGNOLIA GRANDIFLORA, with a few big flowers. In the summer, my mum would sometimes take one flower, and put in a small vase at the centre of a summer table. The big white flower looked fantastic and had a very delicate smell. Such a sweet childhood memory.
Now, I don't have a garden, but I am still fascinated by this tree and its flowers. I found this beautiful branch of MAGNOLIA MULTIFLORA in my local flower shop. It hadn't bloomed when I bought it, and it took about 2 weeks to start, but eventually, the first pink bloom started to show and was wonderful. When you buy a twig of magnolia and put it in the water, it can take 5 to 6 weeks to bloom, or not bloom at all. So I was very lucky!
This one was huge! more than a meter high. It would have looked fabulous in a loft, but it didn't really fitted in my flat, so I cut in smaller branches and made two smaller bouquets out of them, so that it would look nice in my space and put it on a wooden box filled with books.
Magnllia_typomagnolia_1magnolia_bouquetmagnolia_flowerMagnolia_multiflora_blogmagnolia_overviewWhat about you? Do you like magnolia? Which flowers or branches do you like to have in your home in January?
Speak to you soon,


Hello everyone!Here is another flower shop I visited for my article in sisterMAG last year. This shop is all about mini-bouquets. If you read my blog, you know I like mini-bouquets. My lovely #2flowergirls Inga from glomerylane calls me the "mini-bouquet lover"!

Saxifraga in Hamburg, is one of my all time favourite flower shop. Forget everything you know about flower shops before you go there. The owner Carola Wineberger is a very creative lady and really manages to create atmospherical flower compositions.  The shop is situated in the very creative district called Karolinenviertel or Karoviertel and surrounded by many small shops with a lot of handmade fashion and decoration items.

She makes some very small bouquets and displays them in recycled jars or shot glasses – they really look like the ones I loved making when I was a child - and still make now. No vase is small enough for these little beauties. She sells them for a couple of Euros. I find it so refreshing to find that kind of bouquet in a flower shop. So far away from all those pre-formated bouquets you find everywhere with gerberas and a lot of green.

Have a great day and speak to you soon! Elodie





SAXIFRAGA Website Glashüttenstraße 100 20357 Hamburg Mo-Fr. 10:00 - 18:00 Sat.: 10:00 – 16:00