Easter decoration idea: Hortensia on your table


Hello everyone,I just come back from the very inspiring Joyeuse Clique stylism blogger's session in the South of France. I have just been reviewing the pictures and I can't wait to show you the outcome in the next few days.
Today I would like to show you what you can do with Hortensia (also called Hydrangea). 

Hortensia is one of my favourite flowers.  They look so splendid in a garden and, as they love water, they are the perfect plants in rainy regions, such as Northern Germany where I live, the west coast of France or of course Great Britain. Of course, It is not quite spring yet and you are more likely to find hydrangeas in the flower shop than in your garden. So I have decided to show you some ideas of what you can do with a pot that you can buy from the flower shop.  If you take blue hortensia, you can create a very nice table decoration around it, with shades of green and purple. This can make a nice table for an easter brunch. I love that time of year, but I don't need to overdecorate my table with hundreds of painted eggs or tiny kitsch hares.  The good thing with decorating with flowers in a pot is that you can recycle them afterwards by planting them in your garden or in a nice pot on your balcony or terrace. 



Anyone who has ever had hydrangeas knows that they can be a bit tricky. That is over now, because of the new generation of hydrangeas that are easy to maintain, such as the hydrangeas of Forever&Ever®. Those, unlike older varieties, flower on one-year-old wood, i.e. even after cutting back or frost each branch still bears flowers IN THE SAME YEAR. And that also means: if you cut some branches to put them in a vase, the flowers on the plant will bloom again that same year!




 If you are invited to an easter lunch or brunch this year, why not bring an hortensia as a present. It's a present that is made to last. I love for instance the red variety from Forever&Ever®. Hortensia_blue_easter_decoration

I wish you a great day and talk to you soon, Elodie

PS: This post is sponsored by Forever&Ever®. However, my views about this plant are my own and haven't been influenced in any way.