Joyeuse Clique - A Styling Workshop for Bloggers in Provence


table kinfolk dinner joyeuse clique Hello everyone! I hope you are having a good time. I must say I feel very inspired at the moment. I am back to the North of France, where I spend a lot of time photographing flowers from the forest and from my parent's garden. I just come back from two days spent in the South of France, in a little village called Pernes les fontaine, where I attended a Styling master class called Joyeuse Clique in the concept store "la maison pernoise".   Here are some snapshots of this beautiful location very well curated by Lau and Leo, two passionate interior architects, who created a very personal and unique store. You can see more pictures of the Session in my Facebook album. la maison pernoise The workshop was given by the incredibly talented and very kind stylist Anouk Brands. Her motto is "look deeply", but Anouk also has the ability to talk and listen deeply. On the second day of the workshop, Anouk gave us a hand printed message on a piece of linen. The message was: KEEP IT SIMPLE BUT BEAUTIFUL. That pretty much sums up those two days and her approach of styling. 

Anouk bDAY 1: BE HERE AND NOW: The task of her first day, was to create all together a Kinfolk style table.

"Kinfolk is a growing community of artists, writers, designers, photographers, cooks and others who are interested in creating small gatherings and finding new things to cook, make and do. We understand that coming together to share great food and casual conversation can make us feel balanced, grounded and energized.

Kinfok is the journal where we share ideas about low-key, back-to-basics entertaining. Every element of the magazine—the features, the photography and the general aesthetic—mirrors the way we feel entertaining should be: comfortable, slow, fun and engaging. The magazine brings together our interest in art and design with our love for spending time with our favorite people." {kinfolk Website}

The dinner was not an official kinfolk dinner, but a natural style dinner inspired by the kinfolk tables.  We styled it with props from the maison pernoise as well as things we found in the nature.

That is how we worked: After a theoretical session explaining the kinfolk movement, each of us gathered some props in the shop and in the nature, to create a little vignette with what could fit to decorate a kinfolk table according to us: The keywords were: SEASONAL, SIMPLE, SLOW, NATURAL, PURE, RECYCLED. We then had a look all together at the props we wanted to keep or not and why and then styled the table.


props-kinfolk-dinnerAs you can imagine, my focus was on the flower decoration. A lot of the small bouquets were made with wild flowers we found in the background of the store or with branches of cherry and quince trees we picked in Lau's beautiful backyard. We also had some mini olive trees to remind us of the provence.

flower on the table


wild flowers kinfolk

quince branchesThe dinner was cooked by the food truck Mistral Gagnant. The food was simple and delicious. All the recipes came from the Kinfolk Table cookbook. kinfolk table

flowers and bread kinfolk tableThe dinner was served for 50 people in the backyard of the maison pernoise under the stars with candle lights, and it was just incredible!

kinfolk table at nightDAY 2: Moodboards and personal branding On the second day, it was more about showing your personality through your styling and styling from the heart. We could also use the props from the maison pernoise for some moodboard exercises. Here are some snapshots of the Joyeuse Clique at work:

joyeuse clique at work

Here is the moodboard I created for madame love, inspired by the keywords, that symbolise my brand: GREY, FLOWERS, ANIMALS, CREATIVITY. I think that will help me take my blog in the right direction. I am really happy with how it turned out.

mood board madame loveHere are some of my favourite vignettes created by some of the Joyeuse Clique bloggers.

Sources: from left to right and from top to bottom

1. Karin from BODIE and FOU* 2.  Valérie from Atelier rue verte  3. Iris from propos déco 4.  CEZ from Méchant Design 

stylism exercise

Thank you lovely ladies! Here is the list of the participants:
I can't wait for next year's edition! Have a nice day.