Some more anemones!

anemone_red_pink_vase Hello everyone, I am so happy the #2flowergirls is back on track. We have received some very pretty entries so far and there are some more still coming. You can see some of those beauties on our Pinterest board. After I had photographed mine at the beginning of the week, I found some more anemones, this time in deep red and bright pink, that I combined with some crazy good looking red and pink scabiosa. Here are some pictures for you, along with some pictures of my favourite flower shop in Hamburg where I found those beautiful anemones called Küchenblume. I already presented the shop here, but it was so pretty the other day, that I had to show you more pictures. I wish you a great day full of flowers! Elodie Blumenküche_hamburganemone_red_bloomanemone_red_scabiosaanemoneBlumenküche_2Blumenküche_in frontBlumenküche_IrisBlumenküche_withe_flowersBlumenküche_minosa