A bouquet of Clematis and Aquilegia

clematis_aquilegia Hello everyone! Just a short post to show you my bouquet today from the #onebouquetperday series while I am in France. Today I decided to make a bouquet with some clematis and a couple of aquilegia in the same shade of pink. I hope you will like them. They don't last very long in a vase, but I still like them very much. See you tomorrow for the next flowers from my parents garden. I might show you some more Pierre de Ronsard roses before the end of the week as they are just gorgeous at the moment. Have a great day! Elodie




A little garden in France

pansies in the garden Hello everyone, on my way to the Joyeuse Clique Workhop at the beginning of April with parents, we stopped at my Mum's best friend house in a little village in Burgundy and I wanted to share some pictures of her lovely garden with you. It was the beginning of April and the garden was full of pansies and little daisies planted in very pretty pots and Medicis vases.  I wish you a great day! Speak to you soon, Elodie french garden blue pansiespaquerettes


pink paquerettes




pomponette medicis vase

pansies in antic vase

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Some dahlias for baby love

Hello everyone,

When I saw these gorgeous dahlias at the market yesterday, I couldn't resist! I decided to be crazy and spend € 2.50 even if I could go to the hospital any moment now, as I am already 8 days overdue. I think the shades of pink, red and purple are just beautiful. They make me look forward to the autumn and its fantastic range of warm colours. I also wanted to use my new mini-medicis vase I found last week. So here are a couple of photos for you and for my baby love. Maybe she will want to come out if she already feels the beauty of flowers. Have a nice day and talk to you soon! Elodie










2flowergirls #5 - peonies

Hello dear readers,Today is the big day for the start of #2flowergirls in June with madame love and glomerylane. The flower of the month is the peony and I am very much looking forward to seeing your creations and see which variety you found. There are more the 200 varieties of peonies, from white to purple, from yellow to light pink. Peonies are called pivoines in French and Pfingstrosen in German (Pentecost) as they usually bloom at that time of year and are many people's favorite flowers. No wonder, they just look gorgeous in the garden, in an exuberant bouquet and are a classic for weddings. So let's the peonie's explosion start! Please post a link to your blogpost in the comment field underneath or on Inga's blog and we will post your photos on our peony pinterest board. For those who don't have a blog or don't want to blog about it, you can just post a picture on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #2flowergirls or send us your peonies per email.

I hope you will like my pictures. I tried to show the variety as much as possible and found 6 different ones from 3 different flower shops yesterday, and displayed them in single vases.








Here is also a selection of Inga's photos. I am completely in love with the bloom in front of the mirror. You will see her complete shooting soon on her blog.




Speak to you soon! Your 2 flower girls - Elodie & Inga

Photos: (c) Elodie Love and Inga Lorig

Wild flowers in Spain #1

Dear all, Those following me on Instagram, know that I just come back from a great holiday on the Costa Brava in Spain. The weather was not great but we had a very relaxing time. One of my highlights were of course the flowers. The variety of wild species, growing on the side of the road is huge! The roads were quite narrow and it was not very easy to park on the side, but Mr. Love and myself organised a little "blogspedition" to collect some flowers. I will show you some of the flowers and plants we found in this post and the bouquet in the next one. I hope you will like them!

wild chive

wild thyme of the costa brava

wild lavender

wild snapdragons

wild orchid from the costa brava Can you imagine how the bouquet will look like? Do you like making bouquets with wild flowers from the forest or just from the garden? I am so frustrated sometimes living in a big city and having to buy flowers...I miss my parent's garden! Have a great day! Elodie

2 flower girls #3

Hello everyone, Today is the third edition of #2flowergirls with Glomerylane and it is a very exciting edition for us, as we are slowly becoming more than 2 flower girls as everyone can participate. It is so beautiful to see how many different things you can do with the same flowers. So inspiring. If you want to see the other bouquets, you can check out our #2flowergirls Pinterest board or follow the links in the comment fields. Maybe spring will come eventually!

Here are my photos and those from my lovely partner in crime Inga:

Preparation by madame love


lying ranunculus by glomerylane

I am so in love with Inga's colours. I love this light pink on a grey background. For my bouquet I decided to go round, and make a compact bouquet that reminds me of a wedding bouquet.

2flowergirls by glomerylane


2flowergirls pink and white by glomerylane

ranunculus from above by madame love

little still life by glomerylane

2flowergirls on a stand by madame love

This time, we selected the same flowers, in different colours, but we both had the same idea to do a picture with a candlelight holder. Mine comes from the lovely designer frau sieben based in Hamburg.

Ranunculus with candle by glomerylane

ranunculus with candle by madame love

We are looking forward to discovering your flowers! Please link your blogpost under this post or send us your photos by email to this address: and we will post them on our pinterest board.

I wish you a fantastic week - and don't forget to buy some flowers for your home!



three little bouquets

small is beautifulHello everyone,When I found those gorgeous old roses on Saturday, I couldn't resist and had to bring them home with you and show them to you on the blog today.

pink roses in a white vase by madame love

As usual, instead of making a huge bouquet, without rearranging the flowers, I chose to make three little bouquets in various glasses or candle holders I brought back with me when I was travelling or visiting friends.


pretty vases

When trying to make a small bouquet, there is no point in trying to keep all the leaves. So DON'T BE AFRAID TO CUT THEM AND CUT THE STEMS!

preparation-by madame love

pretty from above

rosebuds are so delicate

roses on a marimekko fabric


Next week Inga and myself will be announcing the flowers for the March edition of the #2flowergirls project, and you can be part of it and style those flowers as well and share the photos with us. I wish you a very good week and don't forget to buy some flowers!



2 flower girls #2 - by glomerylane & madame love

Hello there, Here comes the second edition of my flower column 2 flower girls with the sweet Inga from the blog glomerylane.

For those who are discovering the concept today, the idea is that we buy the same flowers in the same colours on the same day and style them our own way. For today's arrangements, we decided to use pink and white tulips. This time it was Inga's turn to pick the flowers, and I was very happy about her choice, as I don't buy tulips very often. It made me step out of my comfort zone a bit, which sometimes allows you to be more creative.

I will first show you the flowers unarranged: 2flowergirls - preparation by madame love


2 flower girls - preparation-by-glomerylane


I decided to present my flowers in a very colourful vase/cup from the Danish label Greengate that I bought a couple of years ago in Berlin and a single flower in a glass vase I brought back from Stockholm last week, which comes from the great interior shop of Lotta Agaton. Inga displayed her tulips in an antique teapot with a tulip pattern. I love the way she puts a single flower in the spout of the teapot. 2flowergirls#2- by glomerylane and madame-love


2flowergirls#2Inga and I have so much fun every month playing around with the same flowers and styling them in a very different way that we thought that you would maybe like to play with us next time. We will be announcing the flowers we want to style a couple of days before on my facebook fanpage and on Inga's. We would be so happy if readers from all around the world would like to decorate their home with the same flowers on the same day. If you want to communicate about the action on Instagram or Twitter, you can just use the hashtag #2flowergirls.

We will keep you posted anyway. I wish you a very nice day and don't forget to buy flowers and visit glomerylane today to see what Inga wrote about 2 flower girls!


images: madame love & glomerylane

Micro to macro bouquets

I was very inspired on Thursday on my way back home and came back with a bunch of very different flowers in the pink-purple colour palette with a touch of black. I decided to make not one but 5 bouquets out of it from Extra-Small to Extra-Large. 1- The XS-Bouquet

2-  The S-Bouquet In a beautiful white Moroccan vase I brought back from my trip to Antwerp.

3- The M-Bouquet

4- The L-Bouquet Simple and monochrome

5- The XL-Bouquet Tall and elegant in my favorite Japanese vase

So I am curious to hear about your opinion now. Which size do you prefer? Which bouquet is your favorite? Talk to you soon. xxx