Wild flowers in Spain #1

Dear all, Those following me on Instagram, know that I just come back from a great holiday on the Costa Brava in Spain. The weather was not great but we had a very relaxing time. One of my highlights were of course the flowers. The variety of wild species, growing on the side of the road is huge! The roads were quite narrow and it was not very easy to park on the side, but Mr. Love and myself organised a little "blogspedition" to collect some flowers. I will show you some of the flowers and plants we found in this post and the bouquet in the next one. I hope you will like them!

wild chive

wild thyme of the costa brava

wild lavender

wild snapdragons

wild orchid from the costa brava Can you imagine how the bouquet will look like? Do you like making bouquets with wild flowers from the forest or just from the garden? I am so frustrated sometimes living in a big city and having to buy flowers...I miss my parent's garden! Have a great day! Elodie