three little bouquets

small is beautifulHello everyone,When I found those gorgeous old roses on Saturday, I couldn't resist and had to bring them home with you and show them to you on the blog today.

pink roses in a white vase by madame love

As usual, instead of making a huge bouquet, without rearranging the flowers, I chose to make three little bouquets in various glasses or candle holders I brought back with me when I was travelling or visiting friends.


pretty vases

When trying to make a small bouquet, there is no point in trying to keep all the leaves. So DON'T BE AFRAID TO CUT THEM AND CUT THE STEMS!

preparation-by madame love

pretty from above

rosebuds are so delicate

roses on a marimekko fabric


Next week Inga and myself will be announcing the flowers for the March edition of the #2flowergirls project, and you can be part of it and style those flowers as well and share the photos with us. I wish you a very good week and don't forget to buy some flowers!