#1.1 - 2 flower girls by Glomerylane & madame love

A the end of 2012, I met Inga and visited her beautiful flower blog Glomerylane online. We have been talking a lot over skype and e-mail since.  I live in Hamburg (in the north of Germany) and Inga lives in Stuttgart (down South) and we will finaly meet in real life in March at a blogger meet-up in Munich. We decided to start a project together in 2013, as we share the same passion for flowers, and flower styling. Once a month, Glomerylane and madame love will be writing a column together  called “2 flower girls”. The idea is that we buy the same flowers in the same colours on the same day and style them our own way. We would like to give you some styling tips and maybe inspire you to do it yourself at home.

2 flower girls - anemones 2 flower girls - hyacinths close up

Here are my styling tips to achieve the same result at home:

1- If you use a wide and relatively low vase, don’t be afraid to cut the stems. The flowers have to fall nicely in the vase. 2- Think about the structure of your vase: if you use a vase made of glass, you should try to use the transparency and think about how your stems look through the glass. For this bouquet, I decided to bind the flowers with some organza ribbon. It think it looks gorgeous floating in the water. Try also giving the bunch a nice twist when binding it. 3- Get rid of the leaves – or get rid of most of the leaves. You can keep a couple of them, but if you keep them all, the green will become very dominant in your bouquet. It is true for hyacinths and I think it is also very true with tulips.

2 flower girls - the ribbon 2 flower girls from above 2 flower girls hyacinths from the side

Voila! Tomorrow I will be posting Inga’s bouquet on my blog, so stay tuned! If you can’t wait, you can have a look today on her blogpost, at Glomerylane. Have a lovely day, speak to you tomorrow and don’t forget to buy some flowers this week!