My yellow anemones

Hello everyone,I haven't been very active on the blog lately. Soon, I will reveal you why, and I hope I will find more time to write and publish more. Today I want to share some simple and extraordinary flowers at the same time with you. I have always loved anemones. We used to buy some with my mum for my piano teacher who loved them when I was a little girl: the classical red, white and blue mix. The other day I the flower shop, I found some yellow ones! They don't naturally grow that way, they are artificially coloured, which I usually hate, but this time, I love the result! What do you think? I also love how they contrast with the blue grape hyacinths.





yellow_anemonesThe flowers are from the flower shop Küchenblume in Hamburg. The fabric is from heuteschmidt. The vase is from Miss étoile.

Have a wonderful week and speak to you soon!