From Switzerland with love #2

Hello there, Lucile is back on the blog today with more Swiss adventures. I am so glad to have such a talented visitor on my blog!  Talk to you soon! Elodie

Hey everyone!

March just ended and I have to say, it’s one of my favourite periods. Once a year, spring just pops up in the middle of winter and says hello. It happens every time in March, just for few days, just for everyone to be surprised and to think again of all the good memories from last summer… Now I’m used to this little joke and I know it’ll pass, it’s not spring yet and the snow and the cold will be back soon… But these few days are so good ! It's a perfect excuse to go out, sit at a terrace, drink a coffee, do nothing and just feel the air and enjoy the sun. I like this little preview, it's helping me to get through this never-ending final part of winter.


So, today I decided to present to you my favourite place from last summer. It’s a café/bar called Zar, located in the Mattenhof area. I like this spot because: 1. it’s like being at home, a small place where people stop by after work and it seems that everyone knows everyone and even if you know none you feel instantly welcome. 2. they serve delicious cocktails. Last summer I used to drink Amaretto Sour (after of course having tried all the different ones) and this winter I have been enjoying Zar, a hot drink that mixes calvados, apple juice, cinnamon syrup and a slice of orange. Mmmmh !


This month too, I was glad to recieve my grandma’s Christmas gift. A real Eames coat-hanger! It’s said it was designed for children but I don't care, I love the flashy colours.


Breakfast of the day : yoghurt, fried egg, crunchy choco muesli and black coffee. Last week, it was snowing again and it’s not warm outside yet, but I look forward to the real spring and summer!

See you next month!


Lucile V.