Still life

Still life in pink

Hello everyone,I hope you're having a great bank holiday. I jus had a great lunch in the sun and decided to post some flowers on the blog today. I made this bouquet in different shades of pink in a medicis for the last issue of the great sisterMAGAZINE to illustrate my article about still life photography. By the way, the new edition of sisterMAG is coming out very soon - and it's going to be gorgeous as usual! So stay tuned.

Speak to you very soon!






Still life photography - my article in SisterMAG

Hello everyone, Two days ago, the new sisterMAG - a journal for the digital lady - came out in English and German. The topic of the issue is Trends and Utopia. I wrote an article for the issue about the trend of still life photography with an exclusive interview of the Australian photographer Kevin Best about still life photography in general and also about his new book Still Life Photography. I was so happy about the result and the beautiful layout and so honored to be part of the great publication. The quality of the articles in sisterMAG is remarkable and I especially love the way the heart of the two sisters Thea and Toni beats for the digital world. SisterMAG is definitely the future of publication, it is a trend, but will not stay an utopia. You can read the magazine online via the issuu desktop version but also offline and your smartphone or tablet by downloading the sisterMAG app for IOS or  of the Android App. With these apps, you can enjoy reading your sisterMAG in the tube or in the train on your mobile device.

Here is the complete issue in English:

and in German:

and here is my article: Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck13

Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck14


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck15


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck16


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck17


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck18


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck19


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck20


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck21

I hope you like the article! I am looking forward to your feedback! Speak to you soon xxx Elodie

A white bouquet for Jodi

Hello everyone,here comes a little flowery post in white. For this flower composition I made for my friend Jodi, who invited me for New Year's Eve, I mixed hyacinth, buttercups and Christmas roses. I hope you will enjoy them, and I hope that Jodi will forgive me for taking some pictures of the flowers, before bringing them to her place. Have a nice day and don't forget to buy some flowers this week! Speak to you soon xxx Elodie

white bouquet landscape

white bouquet in a white vase by madame love

white flowers bouquet by madame love

small white bouquet in a transparent vase

white flowers

City Life

Hello everyone,I fell in love with a book two weeks ago. It is called "Still life photography" by Kevin Best. I read it on my kindle and when I finished it, the first thing I did was to write an e-mail to Kevin, asking me if I could interview him for my blog and he said yes straight away. I am so excited - it will be my first interview ever! In the meantime, here are a couple of shots of a modern interpretation of a still life called "City Life" in which I tried to apply the advice from Kevin. I hope you will like them! You can see more pictures of the shooting on madame love's Facebook Page.

Talk to you soon.


Elodie still-life-brown-colours

a christmassy still life

Hello everyone, I hope you had a lovely week-end. We had dreadful weather in Hamburg today - we had a lot of snow and it has been raining on the snow, so it's all slushy now. Whatever! It is a good opportunity to finish my small Christmas decoration at home. This year I decided to use my little home-made table (made out of an old bathroom mirror) to display a little christmassy, wintery landscape and I am pretty happy about the result. I love the fact that the table reflects the scene, especially when the lantern is lit up.

I wish you a fantastic week. Only 15 days to go till Christmas! xxx Elodie


  • The centre of this still life is a metallic candle holder in the shape of an old Dutch house that I bought in one of my favorite flower shops: Blumenküche.
  • On the left, I made a little star bouquet using old bottles from the lovely interior shop Lieblingszimmer.
  • The stars are hand-made glitter stars from the shop Nordlys and the paper ornament is from House Doctor. Around the neck of the bottle is an home-made star I made using the German polymer clay called Fimo. I stamped my name on it, with a lovely stamp from the German designer bastisRIKE.
  • The plastic animal under the cloche is from a local toy store and I love the contrast with the big porcelain mushroom.

Here are a couple of close-ups of the still life.






Blue still life

Hello everyone,
I just finished reading a very interesting book about still life photography. I will talk soon in details about this book and its author who agreed today to do an interview with me for the blog.  I am so excited!
Today, I would like to show you the first results of what I have learned in this book. I first decided to try with  flower photography, with some still life elements in the picture.
I am so looking forward to your feedback!
Have a nice week-end!





lovely still life #1

Still life photography is the depiction of inanimate subject matter, most typically a small grouping of objects. Still life photography, gives the photographer more leeway in the arrangement of design elements within a composition. This is the definition given by Wikipedia. In this series of photos, I only used ornamental apples, in a Japanese bowl I received as a gift for my engagement from my dear friend Fabienne.This is a first try, but this is the kind of photography I enjoy, I hope you like it too!


I found the little black stand at the hello handmade market  on Sunday in Hamburg. It is from the label 3PUNKTF. I visited the market with my Hamburg blogger crew: the lovely Clara from tastesheriff, Susanne from Serendipity and  Maria from villa ♥ stoff - and came without my camera, but all I was thinking about was my blog! and I found some pretty cool props for my photo shootings!