Still life photography - my article in SisterMAG

Hello everyone, Two days ago, the new sisterMAG - a journal for the digital lady - came out in English and German. The topic of the issue is Trends and Utopia. I wrote an article for the issue about the trend of still life photography with an exclusive interview of the Australian photographer Kevin Best about still life photography in general and also about his new book Still Life Photography. I was so happy about the result and the beautiful layout and so honored to be part of the great publication. The quality of the articles in sisterMAG is remarkable and I especially love the way the heart of the two sisters Thea and Toni beats for the digital world. SisterMAG is definitely the future of publication, it is a trend, but will not stay an utopia. You can read the magazine online via the issuu desktop version but also offline and your smartphone or tablet by downloading the sisterMAG app for IOS or  of the Android App. With these apps, you can enjoy reading your sisterMAG in the tube or in the train on your mobile device.

Here is the complete issue in English:

and in German:

and here is my article: Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck13

Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck14


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck15


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck16


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck17


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck18


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck19


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck20


Madame love in Sister mag-02-holodeck21

I hope you like the article! I am looking forward to your feedback! Speak to you soon xxx Elodie