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Hello my dears,I am starting a new column on the blog today called Lovely Fabric and I would like to talk about fabric design with you. I am a fabric addict - I love pretty patterns and soft fabric and am using fabric a lot in decoration. I like sewing cushions and curtains for my home. I made almost all the curtains myself in my flat. I also used a lot of different fabric to decorate my daughter's little nursery. I usually buy my fabric online via French online shops, as a lot of the fabric I like are not available here in Germany. Through this series, I would like to introduce you to some of my favourite fabric designers from France and from all over the world or just some of my favourite patterns and tell you where you can source them online. The first fabric designer, I would like to talk to you about is France Duval-Stalla. Here are a couple of her patterns. She is working with a lot of greys and muted colours. France_Duval_stalla_silver france Duval Stalla

France Duval-Stalla is a very well-known fabric designer in France. She started with editing cambric fabric, in quality that is very comparable to the Tana Lawn fabric from Liberty of London. Now she sells a lot of different fabric, such as jersey, crepon, tulle or linen. She is so successful and appreciated nowadays among the French DIY crowd, that she has her own fan blog, where the "France Duval-Stalla addicts" can post their creations and share them with others.

Now you also have the chance to become a fan of France Duval-Stalla fabric, and add a little French touch to your decoration with maybe a little cushion or a plaid for your sofa with the fantastic Gray with pink cloud of stars matt coated cambric.

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France_duval_Stalla_displaySince last year, there is also a France Duval-Stalla shop in the Montparnasse district in Paris. If you happen to be visiting Paris, you should definitely have a little look:

France Duval-Stalla shop: 4, rue du regard 75006 Paris France

Find France Duval Stalla online: on her Website/Webshop on Facebook on Instagram on Pinterest France_duval_stalla_fabric_display

pictures (c) France Duval-Stalla