first dahlia of the season

dahlia_in_medicis_vase_2 Hello everyone! I hope you are doing great. I have had quite a rough week last week, with a sick mama and a sick baby and a very hot weather but as I read recently on the Instagram feed of my friend Ricarda, the quieter the online, the louder the offline life!  The good thing about this short break, is that I managed to go to the market on Friday and found some awesome free range dahlia. It isn't uncommon to find dahlia at the beginning of August, but they are particularly early and beautiful this year. I bought enough flowers to make three beautiful bouquets and I only paid 10 €! I often that flowers are expensive on the market, but I think, they are usually much cheaper than in the flower shops especially when locally grown. So - I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Have a great day and speak to you soon! Elodie dahlia_red_pink_2







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