Lovely Flowergramers: @nonihana_


  Hello everyone! As it is also probably the case for you as well, I am using and liking Instagram more and more this days.  It is a place where I share some flowers of course, but also some little corner of my home and some more personal pictures, of my daughter for instance. I also a place where I connect with like minded people from around the world. I am following a lot of flower enthusiastic on Instagram: florists, growers, flower stylists or just flower lovers. I spotted a lot of the blogs I have presented so far under Lovely Flower Blogs on Instagram.  A lot of my friends, send me emails or tweets, when they spot a nice flowergrammer, So I thought I might also share them with you! Unfortunatly, the great Flower Instagrammers, or Flowergrammers are not always bloggers, but they take such great pictures, that I thought, I would do a new series on the blog and show you my favourites - one each week.  The first one is a flower stylist from Japan called Yukiko Masuda and @nonihana_ on Instagram.  I love her simple and elegant style and her use of linen and used wood as a backdrop. I wish you an excellent weekend! I hope you like this new series. I can't wait to show you the lovely flowergrammer I picked for next week.  Talk to you soon, Elodie