Frau Sieben

Etsy Labs Hamburg with Frau Sieben

Hello everyone, On Monday Evening, I attended my first Etsy Labs in Hamburg which was organised by my friend Trixi (alias Frau Sieben), a jewelry designer . I am sure you all know about Etsy - for those would don't know, it's an american online platform that sells handmade and vintage goods all over the world. They regularly organise craft parties in European cities called Etsy Labs - It's a free DIY event, on a special topic. The ones in Hamburg are organised in a brilliant location called LOKAL e.v.. The concept is simple but really enjoyable - you sit around a table with other people (okay, mainly girls...) and do something with your hands, while drinking a lemonade.  Yesterday's Etsy Labs was about creating summery bracelets - and that's what we did! I had a lot of fun with my friends Maria, Christin and Anne. Here are a couple of photos for you:


EtsyLab_Frau_sieben_2 EtsyLab_Frau_sieben_5 EtsyLab_Frau_sieben_6 EtsyLab_Frau_sieben_7

Talk to you soon! and see you at the next Etsy Labs.