LOVEly flower blogs #2 - Love'n Fresh Flowers

Hello everyone, After presenting you the wonderful French flower blog Floresie at the beginning of July, I would like to introduce you today to the American blog Love'n Fresh Flowers, run by the very talented florist Jennie Love. Jennie and I share more than our family names, we also share our love for dahlias and  ranunculus! I really like her fresh and natural flower style and her seasonal bouquet project.

Here are a couple of pictures along with a little interview with Jennie.

Love 'n Fresh Flowers_for_madame_love

Who are you and what are you talking about in your blog?

Jennie Love, owner of Love 'n Fresh Flowers, a petite, sustainably-managed flower farm and full-service floral design studio in Philadelphia, USA. The Love 'n Fresh Flowers blog focuses on topics about growing and designing with highly-unique, seasonal flowers.   Posts are categorized into farming or designing and there are often pictures from my flower farm and from weddings I've been working on.  The Seasonal Bouquet Project is another blog I collaborate on with Erin at Floret Flower Farm.  It is a simple weekly blog where we each post beautiful photos of one floral arrangement we made that week with materials harvested from our farms and/or foraged very nearby so readers can really get a sense of what is in season each and every week.  We get many people telling us we use materials they've never even seen or heard of before.  Readers can contribute links to photos of their own seasonal, locally-sourced bouquets too.  It's such a fun and inspirational project.


Where does your passion for flowers come from?

Like many florists, I grew up with a grandmother and mother who loved to garden and helped me appreciate nature's beauty.  I also took lots of long walks as a kid on my family farm to gather wildflowers for our dinner table.  That habit seems to have stuck. 

Love 'n Fresh Flowers_3

What inspires you?

 The buckets of flowers that I harvest from my fields inspire me every day.  Nature creates such breath-taking color combinations without any fuss, and I'm constantly blown away by how spectacular they are.  I sometimes find myself stopped still in the middle of the field, staring at one singularly beautiful bloom, dreaming about how to place it perfectly in a bouquet.  I'm a lucky florist.  Taking a walk around the field always gives me all the inspiration I need.

Love_n_fresh_flowers_fields What is your favorite flower?

I grow so many and each new crop is my favorite in the moment, but the two that make me cry when they are gone for the season each year are dahlias and ranunculus.

Love 'n Fresh Flowers_2

Love 'n Fresh Flowers_3

Which other flower blogs are you reading regularly?

Floret Flower Farm The Seasonal Bouquet Project (I'm biased) Botanical Brouhaha

Thank you so much Mrs. Love for answering all my questions and being my second guest. You can find Jennie's blog here. I really like the section about her design philosophy. It is very inspiring. You might also want to follow Love n'fresh flowers on Facebook to get the latest updates.

I wish you all a brilliant week. Talk to you soon xxx


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